Wim Hof Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth?


Wim Hof has an estimated worth of $1.5million!

This all began in 1995 when Hof's wife committed suicide. To cope with her suffering, Wim tried to soothe herself with a special breathing technique, which would later be dubbed the Wim Hof Technique, while holding herself in painfully cold conditions and experiencing pain for longer and longer stretches of time.

In 2011, “the iceman” wrote a bestseller to illustrate how everyday people can regulate their body temperature and use the cold to understand, recover, and get beyond life's theoretical limits.

Via seminars, live events and speaking appearances, Wim Hof has turned his strange but successful (and science-backed) breathing and cold exposure methods into a great deal of business.

You could do worse than start living by his philosophy. I can tell you that it works!

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