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Will Motivation Net Worth – William Moss

will motivation net worth
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Everything you need to know about Will Motivation Net Worth

William Moss who is commonly known as Will Motivation is a young entrepreneur and real estate investor who currently owns a portfolio of over 20 investment properties worth a million dollars. He has been involved in over 35 real estate transactions such as buying, selling, and also flipping properties. Will has an estimated net worth of $100 million as of 2021. 

 Early Life and Career

  • Will Moss who is better known as Will Motivation is famous for his youtube channel. He started off as a regular computer geek like most of us. In the 90s he went to college to study computer science. 
  • After graduating he worked in corporate America for nine years. In 2004 he had no money and no investors but big dreams and a lot of motivation. He started an online side hustle. He used his background with computers to create software that would match job seekers with employers. 
  • Once, Will started earning from his online business and it was profitable enough that he left his job and started to pursue it full time. 
  • He still had no retirement plan so he thought about how he could be smart with money. 

Real estate 

In the year 2010, the housing market had just crashed and he was stuck holding two homes and an office space that he had just bought. They were now worth 30% less than what he had already paid for them. 

Instead of panicking, his entrepreneurial side kicked in and Will figured out that it would be the perfect time to double down on real estate investing. So many millionaires built their fortunes with real estate and now everything in the housing market was on sale.

  • Will Motivation now owns more than 40 properties all worth over a million dollars, collectively. 
  • He lives in his dream house, provides for his family, travels the world, takes vacations whenever he wants to, and yes, drives plenty of exotic cars that he owns. 
  • Will started on youtube to inspire others. He started uploading lifestyle videos and documenting his adventures in his business. 
  • He told his viewers how to afford a Lamborghini with limited income. 
  • The average video that will upload makes a couple of hundred dollars. He's not getting rich off youtube but it has allowed him to expand his empire. He has met an audience that happily pays for his merchandise. 
  • Reflecting on his success Will has to say that “If you’re thinking about building revenue streams and you wanna continue and go to the next level, you always have to re-invest money in your first business, your first revenue streams in order to create new streams.” 
  • He further said that “I started another company and started to buy real estate, I started investing in real estate, I started renting out properties, I would buy rental properties fix them up and then rent them again” 
  • In that way, he started getting monthly income from rental properties and cash flow, and as time passed not only was he receiving cash flow but also flipping more properties for cash.” 

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