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What Kind of Business Can Benefit From PPC?

what business can benefit from ppc the most

Here's which business can benefit from PPC the most according to marketing experts

We’ve compiled a list of traits that will help you decide if your business is most suited to invest in a PPC campaign. If your business falls in one of the categories below, then you must take the initiative and invest in a PPC campaign to boost sales and increase lead conversions. Read on below and find out what these categories are. 

High Customer Lifetime Values

  • If the business has a high lifetime value of a customer, they can afford to spend a big chunk of their marketing budget on PPC. This is because PPC will help them get new leads, which will successfully convert to sales and profit opportunities for the business. 

As an example, businesses working in the healthcare sector such as dentists and doctors can spend in a PPC campaign. Each new lead they acquire can be expected to convert into a potential earning opportunity, worth thousands of dollars. 

  • Similarly, businesses that are working in the education and training sector can benefit from a PPC campaign. Each lead that enrolls as a student has a high value over the course of their customer lifetime. Other businesses that utilize a subscription-based model for earning revenue can also benefit greatly from a PPC campaign. 

Examples of companies working in this sector can include telephone, internet, cable TV, or literally any service that expects customers to pay a monthly bill. Each customer earned via PPC can be expected to remain a subscriber of this service and will be paying their bills for a long time. 

Difficult To Find Products

  • If your business has the unique specialty of manufacturing or selling hard-to-find products then a PPC campaign can do wonders for you. Hard-to-find products are those that are nearly impossible to find in a traditional brick-and-mortar store such as a Walmart. 
  • People looking for such difficult products are going to use search engines such as Google, looking for such products. If your PPC ad is seen by such a prospective customer, then it’ll be great for your business. It is imperative that a business either hires a PPC consultant or enrolls its marketing team in a PPC learning course.

Single Purchase High Margins

  • If your business provides such products and services that offer a high margin even with a single purchase then you should definitely use a PPC campaign. These businesses don’t have to worry about customer lifetime value, as a single purchase is enough to bring good returns. A law firm can definitely benefit from a PPC campaign to generate leads. There are keywords that can be used such as employer litigation, personal injury lawyer, firm registration, etc that can be associated with the PPC campaigns for a more targeted approach. 

Other businesses that can benefit from a PPC campaign include home renovation companies, computer hardware providers, electrical equipment and appliances, as well as cars. Many of these businesses have achieved a great level of success with targeted PPC campaigns. 

Diversified Product Portfolio

  • Many e-commerce platforms regularly invest millions of dollars in specialized PPC campaigns to increase sales on their platforms. Amazon spent over 55 million $ while eBay spent over 42 million $ and both of them witnessed skyrocketing sales. 

E-commerce platforms have a good experience with PPC campaigns and keywords selections. They know which keywords can help them to gain the most. Most of them even use long-tail keywords and dynamic keywords. Such keywords have a low cost, and still they can provide high margins and sales for the platform. 

If you are interested in running a successful PPC campaign for your business, then we at The Daily SEM highly recommend taking the PPC learning course by Local Marketing Vault. They offer a practical approach, making sure you learn all about PPC by doing it in real life. 

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