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Is Money Mentality Makeover The Best Money Manifestation Course?

money mentality makeover

Money Mentality Makeover Review – What You Should Know Before Purchasing

Amanda France’s Money Mentality Makeover course promises a money and wealth manifestation mindset aiming to help you unlock wealth blockages, achieve a positive spiritual relationship with money, and a money-making mentality. If you are interested in this course, then read my Money Mentality Makeover review below.


This review is my professional and unbiased opinion about the Money Mentality Makeover. I don't have any affiliation with this program. I am writing this review with the sole purpose of helping my readers stay away from fraudulent online programs. Therefore, I will not receive any profit if you decide to invest in this program.

What Is The Money Mentality Makeover?

  • Money Mentality Makeover is the name of the course created by Amanda Frances. It is a wealth manifestation course that aims to help people develop a supportive, loving, and positive relationship with money.

This course is different from other courses as it promotes a money manifestation and money mentality among its students. The course’s primary focus is to build your manifestation skills and inner game rather than teaching you about business models.

  • This course is almost six weeks long, and it goes through all the techniques that were used by Amanda Frances to change her mindset and increase her monthly income from $3,000 to $300,000.

How Does This System Work?

  • Taking this course is similar to taking multiple therapy sessions with a psychiatrist. You might not see the benefit at first, but once you start taking the course, you will begin to see its usefulness.

The course offers several lifetime access tools that can improve your financial situation and wealth management. You will identify your wealth blockages and can better manage them, thus allowing you more money to spend on your passions and interests.

  • The course teaches you about the positive money mindset. This mindset combines your ideas and feelings about money. It helps to turn your negative beliefs about money into positive ones, thus helping to get closer to financial success.

This course teaches you about becoming a lifestyle coach like Amanda Frances. You will begin your journey as a life coach, build a network, deliver lectures, and finally offer consultations to other people.

  • This is very similar to a multi-level marketing model, where you have to recruit people into your program to make money yourself. In simpler words, it is like a pyramid scheme that is not sustainable unless you have a very large network and can recruit many people.

What Is The Cost Of This System?

  • Money Mentality Makeover is a costly course, asking you to invest about $20,000 of your hard-earned savings.

There is a payment plan available, in which you can make nine monthly payments of $2,333.

Who Owns Money Mentality Makeover?

  • Money Mentality Makeover is a course that is designed by Amanda Frances. She is born in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. She is considered one of the most recognized leaders in the field of women’s financial empowerment.

She seems to have a pleasant personality. The unique aspect of her course is that it combines spirituality with making money. Women all around the globe trust her based on her exceptional online reputation. She has several online courses, an up-to-date social media presence, and has published a best seller titled “Rich as F*ck.”

  • Amanda aims to help women become confident in running their businesses. You can find many lifestyle and confidence-boosting coaches online. What sets Amanda apart from the rest is her methods. She combines her personal experience with mental health counseling and ministry with developing sound and realistic advice about spiritualism and energy principles. Her followers love that everything she talks about is practicable and doable. They are not mere words.

She is dubbed the “money queen” by most for all the right reasons. She has an eight-figure global brand with humble beginnings.


  • She is a heart-centered entrepreneur, meaning she exclusively helps good-hearted women make a difference in the world using money from her charity organization.

Based on my analysis, Amanda made most of her money by selling her online courses. She operates in a particular niche that, if done correctly, would land anyone with a million dollars if they do their job well. In the simplest sense, she is an online coach that teaches people manifestation and how to make more money with their courses.

What Did I Like & Dislike About Money Mentality Makeover?

  • I liked the overall mindset and teaching methodology of this course. I liked the fact that this course combined spirituality with making money and allowed people to transform their mindsets to have a positive outlook on wealth management.

I did not like the fact that this course seemed like an MLM/pyramid scheme. Unless you have a very large network, you are bound to fail and might not make as much money as promised by Amanda. The course is highly overpriced, and similar information is available online for a fraction.

Is Money Mentality Makeover A Scam?

  • Based on my analysis, the Money Mentality Makeover is not a scam. It is possible to generate some revenue and profit using this course however it is going to be extremely difficult.

Not everyone has the potential to be a lifestyle coach, and not everyone can benefit from such a course. Although it makes extravagant claims about changing one’s financial outlook and wealth status, the course follows an MLM model.

  • If you are interested in earning a four-five figure income through a legitimate source and working from home, then keep reading below.

My Top Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2022

The main reason why I would never recommend Karla Marie’s course is that there are several better and easier ways of making money online.

  • I want to share my experience with local lead generation and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. I have been using these two systems and have earned a considerable amount of money.

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My Experience

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I want to share my experience with you:

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  • This might seem simple, but takes a lot of time to plan a good strategy as well as to use fine-tuned skills.
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What Is Local Marketing Vault?

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