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Tyroe Muhafidin Net Worth – How Rich is English Actor

tyroe muhafidin net worth
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All you need to know about Tyroe Muhafidin net worth

Tyroe Muhafidin is a 17-years old Australian actor who has made his grand debut with Amazon Prime’s TV series Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power. Before his role as Theo in the LOTR TV series, Muhafidin’s contribution to the entertainment world was limited to short films and mini-series. Since childhood, Muhafidin gravitated towards acting and other forms of art and entertainment. Muhafidin is a rising star with a bright future ahead.

At the young age of 17, he has an impressive net worth of $50,000. Listed below are some interesting facts about this fresh-faced actor.

Early Life and Career

  • Tyroe Muhafidin was born in Perth, Australia, in 2006. His father is of Indonesian descent, while his mother is from Australia, making Tyroe of mixed race.
  • Tyroe belongs to a tight-knit family where all members support each other. Tyroe describes his parents and siblings as his pillars of support.
  • Since childhood, Tyroe has been interested in the performing arts. He is a writer, a musician, and an actor.
  • In 2018, he got his first acting role in a short film, Dusk, which is set in the post-apocalyptic world.
  • In 2019, Tyroe was cast as Brody in the TV mini-series Caravan. The show starred other actors, such as Andreas Piechulik, Jennah Bannear, and Tristan Balz.
  • Tyroe is an extrovert who enjoys performing in crowds and is always surrounded by friends.
  • In 2022, Tyroe got his big break when he was offered the role of Theo in LOTR – The Rings of Power. This show is a prequel to J.R.R Tolkien's classic novel and is said to be the most expensive show, with a budget of $20 million per episode.
  • In The Rings of Power, Tyroe convincingly plays the role of a rebellious teenager.
  • Along with his impressive acting skills, Tyroe has gained the attention of fans for his calm, chic, and unconventional wardrobe and sense of style.
  • At the young age of 17, Tyroe has a net worth of $50,000. Being a part of expensive TV shows such as The Rings of Power, Tyroe’s net worth is sure to increase.

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