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ThePower MBA Review – Does It Work Or Is It Scam?

thepower mba review

ThePower MBA Review, What you should know before purchasing

There are plenty of e-Commerce learning courses available online these days. ThePower MBA seems to be not too different than most of them. e-Commerce is not a source of passive income. It requires round-the-clock hard work and patience. You’ll be required to constantly look for new products, run ads on various platforms, create sales funnels, and hope that your e-Commerce venture turns out to be a massive success.

In this The PowerMBA review, we will be looking at whether or not ThePower MBA is worth your money. Read more below to find out.


This review is my professional and unbiased opinion about the ThePower MBA. I don't have any affiliation with this program. I am writing this review with the sole purpose of helping my readers stay away from fraudulent online programs. Therefore, I will not receive any profit if you decide to invest in this program

What Is ThePower MBA?

ThePower MBA is an online course that aims to help you set up and run your very own online business. ThePower MBA is not an actual MBA and based on what I’ve seen I’d rate it as a mediocre course.

ThePower MBA promises that you’ll be taught by highly successful and famous people like the CEOs of Tesla, Shazam, YouTube, and Netflix. However, that is truly not the case. They have recorded video interviews of those CEOs which will be shown to you. This cannot be considered a formal lecture.

What Is Included In ThePower MBA??

ThePower MBA has several modules that you’ll be required to complete. It covers a wide range of areas that are considered important for any online business owner in today’s day and age. It is not important to have a business idea at the start of this course.

The first module is Business Model Innovation. It includes several courses such as:

  • Engines of Growth
  • Business Model Analysis
  • Value Propositions
  • Segmentation & Targeting

The second module is Testing Business Ideas and Lean Startup. This module enables you to test your business ideas based on real-world scenarios to know if they will sustain or fail.

The third module is Business and Marketing Strategies which includes the following strategies:

The fourth module is Finance and Accounting which provides a basic overview of how to use this skillset for business accounting, auditing, and managing revenue/expense sheets.

  • The fifth module is Leadership which teaches you what is required to become a great business leader for ensuring the success of your business.

The sixth module is about Entrepreneurship and Fundraising. This module helps you get ready for a successful business. It teaches you how to create a group and how to motivate others to invest in your business. It further teaches investment strategies, and how to capture potential investors.

  • The seventh module is about Digital Marketing. It enables you to become a successful Digital Marketer. You’re taught about differentiating between different channels, creating sales funnels, motivating a purchase from a prospective customer, and various strategies to attract customers to your business.

The eighth module is related to HR and Talent Management. You’ll learn various HR practices and strategies that can be employed to create an excellent work environment for your employees.

  • The last module is about Technological Disruption in Business. It will help you understand how to respond to disruptive technologies during your business journey.

Who Should Do ThePower MBA?

ThePower MBA greatly exaggerates its importance when the important thing to bear in mind is that it is not a real MBA. It is an online learning course. If you are looking for general business training then this could be of benefit to you.

However, if you want to make money online, then there is little in this program that could help you achieve that.

What Is The Cost Of ThePower MBA?

ThePower MBA costs a one-time fee of 999$ which grants you access to all the learning resources. There is no mention of whether or not you’ll become a part of any online communities.

What Did I Like About ThePower MBA?

I liked that ThePower MBA has a flexible learning approach. The entire course outline is provided in the beginning so that you know what you are getting for your money. The videos seem helpful even though they are not proper lectures taught by successful CEOs. While ThePower MBA is not a real MBA it is a more affordable option if you just want to learn something useful without attending an actual university.

What Are The Cons Of ThePower MBA?

The lessons are too broad and try to cover everything at once. There is no specific focus on what is being taught. For most people, another major disappointment will be that it is not a real MBA program. Several other online learning courses have an almost similar course outline so there is nothing unique about this program.

Is ThePower MBA A Scam?

In my opinion, ThePower MBA is not a scam. It promises to teach you several aspects of owning and running a successful online business. I think that it does that job well to a good extent.

However, to be able to make money from ThePower MBA will require a lot of studies, hard work, and patience. You’ll be required to take this course for at least three months to be able to fully grasp its concepts and then utilize these strategies in your own business.

If you are interested in earning a four to five-figure income working from home without spending a lot of money and time, then keep on reading.

My Top Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2022

Even though ThePower MBA is not a scam, I will not recommend anyone to spend their 999$ for such a program. Instead, I would advise everyone to try a more reliable and robust way of earning money online.

I have been working for a very long time with local lead generation and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, and as a result, earn a four to five-figure monthly income.

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My Experience

I experienced my fair share of online scams when I first started learning about making money from home. This is why I have started this blog so that I can prevent others from having bad experiences. Also, I want to share the secret to my success which is local lead generation.

  • I have 15 years of experience with local lead generation and PPC ads. I help local businesses get traffic for their websites. This traffic gets converted into sales and as a result profits for the businesses.
  • I use PPC and Facebook Ads for this purpose and to maximize the organic reach of the local businesses' posts and websites.
  • I earn a commission based on every successful customer conversion at the local business’s website.

This might seem simple but to succeed, one needs to have expertise and skills. Such skills are offered by a PPC learning course by Local Marketing Vault.

What Is Local Marketing Vault?

Local Marketing Vault offers an amazing PPC learning course that has the following features:

  • Local Marketing Vault utilizes a hands-on approach which means that you learn by doing.
  • You gain membership to an exclusive 5500+ member community on Facebook. Here, you’ll get feedback, guidance, and support from peers and PPC experts.
  • You’ll receive customizable pre-designed sales funnels.
  • You’ll receive training regarding several digital advertising concepts such as keyword bidding, keyword research, targeted advertising, and campaign analytics.

Local Marketing Vault is by far the best PPC learning course available online. If you want to have a guaranteed income every month, then Local Marketing Vault is the best learning program for you.

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