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Mud Wtr Review 2021 – Does It Work? – Coffee Alternative?

mud-wtr-starter-kitHey everyone! Grab a cup of coffee for this one… oh wait… don't grab coffee… grab some Mud WTR! <<< See what I did there?

Also Mud Wtr Review VIDEO is at the bottom…

In all honesty today I am going to do a review on Mud WTR which is more or less a coffee alternative, but so much more!

And… this isn't one of those reviews where I just re-write the basic info from the main site and try to sell you on it… nope this is a real review with a video below and all! In fact you can see me spill the mud water powder all over my keyboard!! Anyways…

First off a few questions?

  • Does coffee make you jittery?
  • Does your coffee end up being a sugar bomb?
  • How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?
  • Do you only drink coffee for the “pick me up”

I only ask this because people have different reasons for drinking coffee.  I truly drink coffee to get me going in the morning and I really only like the taste of it when it is loaded  with creamer and sugar. I am sure you can agree?

Now some people do get jittery from caffeine in coffee or if they have a cup too late in the day  they can have a hard time falling asleep.

My sole purpose of trying this was to more or less still have my cup of coffee in the morning, but to replace my afternoon cup with MUD\WTR!

After using this for a few days now I have been actually mixing a tbsp of MUD with my morning coffee!

Now listen… I LIKE COFFEE\CAFFEINE. We all have our different reasons for using a product like this.

I like the ingredients and I feel like adding this to my diet can only help, but if you are someone looking to get off of caffeine then I think this product can be for you.

How Much Caffeine Is In Mud WTR?

  • Well it doesn't say specifically on the website, but they say it contains 1/7 the cup of coffee.
  • So with the help of google the average amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee is 95MG and if we divide that by 1/7 we get 13.5714286 milligrams of caffeine in a serving of Mud Wtr
  • So let's round about and say you get about 14MG of caffeine in a serving of MUD WTR and they suggest 2 -3 servings a day.

mud-wtr-ingredientsWhat Are The Ingredients In Mud WTR?

  • Cacao
  • Masala
  • Chai
  • Turmeric
  • Sea Salt
  • Cinnamon
  • Chaga
  • Cordyceps
  • Reishi
  • Lions Mane

Now listen we can break these all down about what they are and why they are good for you, but you can just go to their website and read about it. Honestly that is some good stuff and I like to take good stuff in a quick way, so for me that works!

How Much Does It Cost?

  • The Starter Kit Costs $60, but if you get it on auto ship you save 33% and it will cost $40 with FREE Shipping in the USA
  • Mud Tin With 30 Servings costs $50, but if you get it on auto-ship you save 20% and it will cost $40 with FREE Shipping in the USA
  • Mud Bag With 90 servings is $125, but if you get it on auto-ship you save 20% and it will cost $100 with FREE Shipping in the USA
  • They also have powdered creamer “Coconut Milk/MCT Oil” which I tried and talk about in my video which was really yummy for $50 a bag

So do the math?

  • 30 serving tin on auto will cost about $1.33 a serving
  • 90 serving bag on auto will cost about $1.11 a serving
  • Always better to get a bag… I am still on my first tin FYI

I have to say the MUD WHIP is the best part of the mud wtr start kit!!!

What The Heck Is A Mud Whip?

Ha so the starter kit comes with a stainless steel frother. I have to be honest this was prob the most exciting part of the kit for me! Don't ask me why, but I always wanted one of these! haha! It actually works really well and charges via a USB cable. You can see in my video where I make more of mess getting a little crazy with the mud whip!

It whips the drink up really nicely!

mud-water-drinkIs There Sediment In Mud WTR?

  • Yes there is, but it is not as bad as you might think. I also show you this in the video below.
  • Now listen… I can't even handle the tiniest bit of pulp in my orange juice! There is sediment, but you don't even taste it.
  • It is not a gritty type sediment, more of a fine silky sediment, but if you have a spoon and stir it up it goes right back into the drink.

Does Mud Wtr Work?

  • Simple answer yes!
  • I think it depends on what you mean by work?
  • Do I get a boost of energy and clarity using it? 100% YES!! For Sure!
  • Will it replace all coffee\caffeine for me? I am not sure, but I will cut my caffeine intake in half going forward, so that is a start!
  • Again caffeine is not the enemy in moderation like anything else, but again some people don't handle caffeine well so I think mudwtr can be a great alternative not to mention you are getting some really healthy ingredients in ya!

Can This Replace My Adderral Or Other Stimulant Use?

  • C'mon….
  • Really???
  • No it cannot! I am sorry and I do go into this in the video below as well, but Adderal, Vyvanse, etc… are stimulants and increase dopamine levels and let's be honest there are no supplements or nootropics out there that can replace what those drugs to do you!
  • Now… I will say this! If you are coming off Adderal or Concerta etc… I do believe Mud WTR and other nooptropic type supplements can help take the edge off and give you a bit of clarity, but being someone who has taking these things in the past, it is not the same!
  • If you are coming off adderal or another stimulant feel free to reach out. It is a slippery road, but there are definitely things you should prepare yourself for when you take that journey and I would be glad to offer some insight

How Does It Taste?

  • Again I go into this in my video…. did you watch my video?? LOL
  • It is actually really good and in the video I try it by itself, with the creamer, and a packet of Xylitol “Xylo Sweet” Brand
  • I can honestly say I can drink this by itself no problems.
  • I haven't yet, but I am going to start mixing this in with my Shakeology that I started drinking again as well, for a bit of a boost.
  • You get a nice cinnamon/spicey kind of taste with what I would say is a hint of the Cacao
  • It's good! Trust me I have tried some supplements that were almost impossible to drink and this is way easy on the taste buds!

My Overall Final Verdict Of The MUD\WTR Coffee Alternative

I think you can see from my review and video I am overall happy with the product! The taste is great, it helps me feel clear headed with some nice smooth energy and no caffeine crash!

  • Will I be giving up coffee? Prob not at first, but like I said I will definitely be cutting my caffeine in take in half for the time being.
  • Will I be ordering more mud wtr? Yea for sure. I am going to order up a bag of the mud\wtr and the creamer since that was really yummy. I am sure my wife will start stealing this as soon as I turn her onto it hehe
  • The only thing I could say is order a starter kit and see how you feel on it. We are all different and used to different things as far as coffee\caffeine.

I am sure I missed a few things in this Mud Water review so please feel free to ask questions in the comment below and I will answer them as soon as I can!


Video Review of Mud Wtr






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