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The Professor Net Worth (Grayson Boucher)

the professor net worth grayson boucher
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Everything you need to know about The Professor Net Worth

Grayson Boucher who is commonly known as The Professor is an American streetball player and actor. He is known for playing on a highly stylized international AND1 mixtape tour along with that he has also appeared in several movies. The Professor has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million dollars as of 2021. Here are some interesting and unknown facts about the life of The Professor.

Early Life and Career

  • The Professor was born on June 10th, 1984 in Keizer, Oregon, USA. He was raised in the same place. His father introduced him to basketball at age two. By the time he was in fourth grade he was all in practicing an absurd amount of basketball per day. As he got older he got recognized locally especially for his amazing ball-handling skills.  
  • He played high school ball at Salem Academy where he made all-state. Despite his achievements, he didn't get any college scholarships. He tried to get into multiple community colleges but failed. With the passage of time, he got a spot on the Chemeketa Community College team. After a few guys were hurt on the team he was moved into the rotation and only had an average of three minutes of playtime per game.
  • Around this time the AND1 Mixtape Tour made a stop in Portland. The Professor and his brother were curious and so they went to watch, when he saw them he figured out that anyone could try out to be a part of the team and so he tried and was the face of the organization by 2010. 

More about The Professors’ Basketball career 

  • After gaining fame he went on and starred in five AND1 mixtape DVDs, four AND1 commercials, and an AND1 video game. He was also featured on ESPN’s Streetball, for seven seasons, where you might have seen him. He played in the Ballin Up Tour after AND1  came to an end. Basketball changed The professor's life. He got to travel to 30 countries because of it. He says he practices every day even when he is on tour. 
  • The professor has been in multiple basketball flicks, Most notably Semi-pro with Will Ferrel. There he played point guard for the opposing team. The other film that was called Ball don't lie was only shown at film festivals, he played the lead role in that.

The Professors transition to Social Media 

  • The Professor after starring in some films made his own Youtube channel where he would dress up as various superheroes and ball out against unrespectful basketball players in the streets of LA. 
  • He made a nice transition to a social media influencer. His youtube channel. His youtube channel has 5.48 million subscribers. He uploads vlogs, highlights clips, and content related to basketball. 
  • He is the CEO of GlobalHooper, his basketball streetwear brand. 

When you take everything into account (merch sales, sponsorships, ad revenue, public appearances, etc) you can imagine the enormous amounts of money he has made. The Professor has said a lot of times in his youtube videos that “You can easily make seven figures by just being an influencer.” 

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