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Ed Mylett


Ed Mylett, an influencer, businessman, and author, has an estimated $410 million in net worth.

Mr. Mylett grew up in baseball-obsessed Diamond Bar, California. He was playing for a D1 college where he was a three-time all-American, leading the NCAA in stolen bases. He probably would have gone pro if not for an injury he sustained. Oh well.

Ed entered an MLM firm called World Financial Group (WFG) after graduating from college with a Communications Degree. After years of fighting he started to work his way up. And his earnings exploded, thanks to the same sickening commitment that he had made to baseball. The company knew he was different and they treated him so.

Eventually, they switched Mylett from “business builder” to marketing managing director. Then to the Vice President, Senior Executive. Then, in 2006, to the Council of Chairman. At this point, he started minting the big bucks!

Recently, Ed has taken over everyone’s social media. He struts his stuff like nobody’s business and inspires others to take action and become millionaires too! He also does a lot of charity work and I’m super inspired by him!

Who Is Ed Mylett

3 thoughts on “Ed Mylett”

  1. Great! I’ve been listening to his podcast, Max Out, for weeks now. Caught one, found he and the guest to be very informative, so decided to start from the beginning. I am up to July 2020, persistently listening until I get to an up-to-date episode. Mylett does talk about his past but I didn’t know the specifics. Most reviews only talk about his baseballs past, and his business success, but do not go into specifics. Thank you for sharing. What I enjoy about his content, that not only does it apply to business, if you implement those actions/habits onto your daily life you’ll see in an improvement, as your habits and thoughts start to change and you become more productive. His podcast basically shows is how to “Max Out” on the daily.
    (Btw love out “jack of all trades, master of none“ haha I can relate)

  2. Hi I really love you Ed Mylett! I heard so much about you! Please let me and my team work with you! I am Daniel Orrett also known as Spacedock on YouTube and I wanna work with you Ed Mylett! My best friend and wife Larissa Thompson is so very proud of you! She wants to meet and kiss you so much! Oh and F U too!


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