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Rocket.net Hosting Review 2021- Should You Switch?

UPDATE: 01/27/2021

  • Moved a good amount of my sites over to Rocket….  I still have another 10 client sites I need to move.
  • Here is a picture of my dashboard! 40 out of 50.. almost time to upgrade lol Yup had to upgrade… now




Status Update: 01/27/2021 : As you can see above I have moved a bunch of sites… moving the sites was very smooth, couple little hiccups because some of my sites were really old running older wp versions, php versions etc… but support was great! Other thing was a few bugs here and there, but the great part is I was able to hop into slack and let support know and get them fixed ASAP! What I like about that is the fact they are still a growing company and rolling out new things which I am glad to be a part of and help make better!

My sites are fast, secure, and SOOOOO… much easier to manage now! If you have any questions leave a comment and I'll get back ASAP! I'll try to post a status update in another 30 days.

If you have been in the internet marking business for a long time dealing with your own websites and clients websites, heck even friends websites then you know hosting can be an issue. Well, maybe not an issue, but more of an important decision to be made!

Oh… for quick reference this site is now hosted there and I am currently in the process of moving over about 50 other websites…..”but Chris isn't it dangerous having your sites on one host?”… I will explain this later! Read on….

Oh and side note… if you have questions go to the site and click on the support button and ask… that is what I did! The owner is literally the one on support! Pretty awesome!

Think about it… how often do you switch your web hosting? Not very often unless you are having some real issues. Until today I have some hosting plans I have been on since 2012!!

Why do people switch web hosting? Many reasons…

  • Site outgrows the plan
  • Price is to high
  • Hosting speed sux
  • It is on outdated equipment
  • You get charged for SSL and other items other hosts give for free! “Do you really still pay for SSL?”
  • Support sucks or has gone downhill
  • Need more bandwidth
  • So many other reasons….

To be honest switching hosting really stinks and can be a complete time waste! Why??

  • You need to back up your site to be safe… depending on how big your site is, that can take awhile.
  • You need to get the files from your old hosting to the new hosting. Some companies make it easy, others not so much.
  • You need to make sure that the new host will support certain features your site might be using. If your site is running WordPress does the new host support it easily, or if your just running a php or html site will the new host allow that if it is just a wordpress or other CMS specific hosting
  • Then you need to update your DNS… make sure you don't forget any MX records “say goodbye email” if you mess that up 😉 been there done that, or even transferring email files if you were running email on the old host!
  • So yeah there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to moving a website to a new host.

HECK That is just one website.. imagine if you have dozens or more… or you have them on multiple hosts!

It can become a real nightmare, but the time comes when it has to be done!

This is where I find myself today and how I ended up moving my sites to Rocket.net

I will try to offer my best info in reviewing Rocket.net here, but please take a look at the 3 videos I made as well, which are pretty cool!

  • The first video is about setting up a new site from scratch on Rocket
  • Second video is moving this site TheDailySem over the Rocket and seeing the page speed increase!
  • Third video is an actual interview with the owners of the company Ben Gabler & Aaron Philips
    • Now why would I do that? Well I am a very personable guy and so are they, so when they offered to get on a zoom call I took it. I am moving a lot of sites over, so I wanted to make sure I would get all my questions answered. If you really want to understand how Rocket.net functions then I highly recommend watching the interview.

Rocket.Net Is Still Having a $1 Launch Special! Click Here To Get It! >>>

So How Much Does Rocket.net Cost?

rocket-net-costsSo this is not your $3 hosting plan or $9 a month plan!

Their lowest cost plan is $25 a month “billed annually” which is for one site.  You can click on the image to make it bigger or click here to see their live pricing

Now this is WORDPRESS hosting only… no email.. no cpanel… you can access your files via FTP. You are also having the added benefit of being routed via a Cloudflare Enterprise which just to get the Pro Cloudflare plan costs $20 a site, so you are getting under Rockets umbrella of Cloudflare power! You can hear more in the interview on YouTube or below about how their platform is structured! That alone justifies the price for me.

Is It Worth The Money?

  • Listen hosting these days is so much different from 5 years heck even a few years ago! I remember paying $500 a month for a dedicated for a site which I am now hosting at Rocket.net
  • The big issue with hosting is knowing about the company. Is it some guy reselling a VPS server, reseller account or a real deal built from the ground up hosting platform which Rocket is!
  • So I guess the question of is it worth the money really is what is worth to you! There are garbage affiliate websites people build and host on cheap hosting, and there are real money making websites that cannot have down time or client sites that need to be kept safe, fast, and backed up!<<< oh they have a 14 day backup

Back Ups – Restoring

  • Remember how I said I have had hosting accounts for years! Well I have also probably been on at least a dozen other hosting accounts. As of right now I have a few hostgator accounts and most of my sites are on Siteground which are now being moved over the Rocket! I have reasons why and maybe I will discuss in the comment areas! Anyways back to backups!
  • They do a 14 day backup schedule and you have the option to create your own manual backup in case you just made big changes and want to do that. Plus you can always use a 3rd party software as well!
  • P

Malware/Virus Protection

  • Again… most hosts are going to charge you extra to keep you actively protected from hackers, malware etc… YES they will usually run a scan for FREE, but you are on your own to have it removed. REMEMBER ABOVE BACKUPS? This is why it is important! At some point in your online journey you will have a site that gets hacked! Instead of scrambling to fix it, clean it etc… you restore a backup, then you get in and fix the vulnerability!
  • Oh yeah so… just like Rocket Net has you running under their Cloudlfare Umbrella, they have you covered against hackers and malware by utilizing Imunify360…read more here.
  • I don't think you can buy this on your own actually and even if you could you would be spending another $10-20 a month on one site… so with that and cloudflare included your are saving about $30 a month right there and that is for one site! All your sites are covered no matter what plan you are in!

Rocket.net Support

  • 24/7/365
  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Phone 646-895-6320
  • All I can say is support has been phenomenal! As I write this I am in a private slack channel with the owner Ben moving my sites over. Moving about 40 over at the moment. They will handle the move for you as well! For FREE!


  • dashboard
    Click For Larger Image

    OK still with me! lol… Honestly one of the big reasons for me moving was… well not BIG reason, but definitely one that makes it easier is that I can manage all of my sites from one dashboard. I have about 5 siteground accounts right now… each one I have to login separately and it gets tedious! And… yea I could move all those accounts onto one Siteground account, but the process is the same… they can't just combine them which boggles my mind!

  • Click on that image… right now I only have 4 sites moved, but the rest are in progress. Nice a clean right! All in one place… ahhhhhh
  • Also check out the locations… more on that below!

Server Locations

  • Again here is where you are taken advantage of being under Rocket.net's Umbrella!
  • You are part of their Global Edge Network! Now I don't claim to understand all this LOL… but take a look at the image and you can see how spread out their network is! CLICK HERE to see
  • As far as physical locations where your website is going to live as of right now they have 15 locations and I have been told they are adding more! This is nice because you definitely do not want to have all your sites or client sites on one physical server or ip address. You can, but def better to spread them out.
  • Also depending on what your website does for your or your client etc… it can be beneficial to have your site living in your same physical area or at least close. Let's say your local business was in California, then choosing a location in San Jose would be better than setting it up in NYC… make sense?

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Below I will go over some pros and cons. My pros and cons might not be the same as yours. You might seeing not having complete server access a con, when someone else might see it a pro. It all depends what you need in your hosting.


  • Fast hosting out of the box
  • Scalable
  • GREAT Support!
  • Hacking/Malware Protection included
  • Global Edge Network
  • Enterprise CDN


  • No file manager access… you do get FTP
  • No email… why would you not be using Gsuite or O365 for email these days anyway?
  • You can only host wordpress sites


Rocket.net Video Reviews

Interview With Rocket.Net Owners Ben Gabler & Aaron Phillips

Creating a new wordpress site from scratch:

Moving TheDailySem.com to Rocket – Before/After Speed Tests

Rocket.Net Is Still Having a $1 Launch Special! Click Here To Get It! >>>

4 thoughts on “Rocket.net Hosting Review 2021- Should You Switch?”

    • Ya know honestly I always liked cpanel and had used it since 2006!!! The big thing is it honestly doesn’t matter and I never used 80% of what was in there! The rocket.net dashboard is growing every week as well. I will say this… it is so easy to spin up a new wordpress site and be able to give someone access instantly, then when it is time to go live it is so easy! I don’t even want to think about the process before!

  1. Hey great review! Really answered a lot for me. How has it been as of now? Any issues? I always worry about new hosting companies and putting all my eggs in one basket.

    • Hey Jarrod thanks! Honestly nothing short of awesome! I love to break stuff and I prob talk daily to the owner in our slack channel to give him ideas on things and for help with other crazy stuff, but every site I move over is instantly faster and things are just so much smoother!


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