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Shmee150 Net Worth

shmee150 net worth
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Everything you need to know about Shmee150 Net Worth

Tim Burton is famously known as Shmee150. He is a YouTube content creator and his youtube handle has uploaded thousands of videos on his Youtube channel which have ranked more than half a billion views already. He had a rough start and then the idea stuck to him that he should start his own youtube channel. He has an estimated net worth of $17 million as of 2021. Here are some interesting and known facts about his life. 

Early Life and Career

  • Tim Burton was born on September 17th, 1987. He is based in London. He has approximate 2.28 million YouTube subscribers 
  • Before starting his youtube channel he used to work at an electronics store and sold electronics for a bit. After getting bored from that he went on to teach snow skiing in New Zealand. There was a nasty fall that set him back and he went back to working as tech support at an investment consultancy firm in London. 
  • In 2008 when it was just a hobby Tim used to take pictures of exotic cars that he saw when he was out, he would post them on Facebook along with several other online forums. 
  • His hobby led him to make a Youtube channel in 2010 and when he started he didn't show his face, he didn’t reveal himself to the world. He kept all his focus on his cars. 
  • It took him approximately three years when his channel got profitable and he left his job to pursue his career in Youtube
  • When more money started pouring in he started to build his own car collection. 

Supercar Dream 

Shmee has a tagline which is: living the supercar dream. For him it's all about the experience, being very positive, and sharing his passion for cars. Who knows he might be inspiring so many young kids on the way. Looking back at his success he feels proud of himself. 

  • Whenever he creates a video with a new car he tries to give an impression so that the viewer can feel as if they are looking at the car in person and not virtually. 
  • It is necessary to give a full critical review of the car. It is not only about the journalistic approach, it’s more about the demonstration and the explanation. 
  • His cars for him are basically an informative style piece. 
  • Whenever he is explaining about a car in a video you’ll notice him stitch gears and explain about it, he might even go full geek on the aerodynamics. Or give his intake about what he thinks personally about the car. 
  • He doesn’t put much thought into his content, whatever he produces he does because he likes it and he enjoys doing it. The detailing of the car and the engineering put into it excites him. 
  • In order to make his vlogs more interesting, he hangs out with engineers and designers who have actually put their intake into making the car. With the help of them, he uncovers so many little facts and secrets that make it so interesting for the viewer to watch. 
  • He suggests people look at the features while getting a car. That's the experience kind of approach, the one he gives to other people. 
  • He has paved his way to success and whatever he is doing he is doing it right, he makes approximately $3000 per day just from this Youtube and Ad revenue. This is excluding all the sponsorship deals, merchandise, and joint venture deals. If you add all of that up he is minting money by the second.

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