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The LAST SEMRUSH Review You Will Ever Need! Honesty In 2021

Well ya made it! Thanks for stopping by to check out my Review of SEMRUSH… ya know to see if it is LEGIT or not!<<< it is don't worry!

First…. I will say this…

This is not a typical Semrush review where I just list all the stuff they do like most other marketing review sites that literally give you no useful info or just regurgitate the info that is already on the main company website or just tell you what semrush is! LOL!! Sorry not here folks! I think you probably already know what it is!

I also made a 20 minute video of how I use SEMRUSH, so I would say watch that first! I use it on a daily basis and you can see some basic things and I mention many times I probably only use 10% of what the program is actually capable of! Scroll down to see the video or click here get worm holed right to it 😉

The First Thing You Need To Do With SEMRUSH?

  • I mention this in the Semrush review video, but the first thing you need to do is set up your on-boarding call with them! You literally get a one hour zoom call with them to go over everything. Make sure you have already adding some projects and have questions ready!
  • They will be able to show you all the ins and outs of the software! And… TRUST me there is a ton… like I said I probably only utilize 10% of SEMRUSH and I have been using it since 2008! LOL
  • They will also record it for you, so you can go over it again, but yeah be sure to make the most of the call!

Client Sites & Your Own Projects With SEMRUSH

  • semrush-overviewWhether you have clients or you are promoting your own websites, SEMRUSH is great!
  • When you add a project try to take advantage of everything they offer when setting it up! It will walk you through the set up and just go and set up each one even if you aren't sure what it does!
  • Another tip is to make sure you are logged into a browser that you are also logged into Google Analytics & Google Search Console. This way when SEMRUSH wants to verify and pull in that data you can do it right then and there! I only mention that because I use a few different accounts and I always have about 3 different browsers open and sometimes when I go to verify a site I realize I don't have the right account access in the one browser! Hope that makes sense!
  • When you do set up your site or a clients site, try to get your keyword research done and keywords added to tracking ASAP! Reason being especially with a client site is you want to have a baseline to track. Let's say you waited  a few weeks to add the keywords and you have seen some results on the site.. they would not be tracked in SEMRUSH. They will only track from the date you added them. My point being you can show the client all the improvements in the keyword ranking if you have been tracking them! Hope that makes sense to!

Backlink Research: SEMRUSH VS AHREFSwhat i

  • A lot of people ask the question is semrush better than ahrefs and vice versa, and to be 100% honest… I think in the backlinks game that AHREFS has SEMRUSH beat, but that is ok!
  • I truly feel so many people get caught up in MOZ score, domain scores backlinks etc…. the truth is if you do the right keyword research, create quality content “that people actually read” and get your onsite SEO perfect you can rank for many keywords without having crazy backlinks!
  • No don't get me wrong there will come a point where you might need to get some monster backlinks to push your site to the top positions, but that is a whole other story.
  • So if you are strictly looking to do big backlink research ahref's might be the better option, but overall in my opinion semrush wins hands down in everything else it offers! Now I could be wrong because I haven't had an ahref subscription in a long time, but again if you watch my review video you can see I am doing just fine with ranking this site and haven't had the need for it.
  • Also moving forward with a client site or your own the SEMRUSH backlink tools does a great job! Moving forward you should know where most of your backlinks are coming from anyway and they give you a great way to add and keep track of the status of your backlinks which is pretty awesome!

SEMRUSH & Google My Business Local Tracking + Multiple Locations

  • What is cool if you are dealing with local clients or your own site that has GMB “Google My Business”yext they will track and show where your GMB profile is ranking! This is really important for local business because GMB is capable of sending tons of local traffic!
  • The other thing that is awesome is if you have a business or a client with multiple GMB locations you can track them all!
  • I recently took on a client that has over a dozen GMB locations, so what you are able to do is create different locations inside of your project via zip code. This allows you to know exactly where they are ranking for the site and the GMB… this client has one website, but promotes all the locations so it comes in real handy! That was something I only realized they offered a few months ago! Ha! Again take that onboarding call and make the most of it!

My Semrush Video Review

YEXT & SEMRUSH Citation Listing Integration “NAP”

  • semrush-citation-heatmapI don't even want to get into whether you love or hate YEXT lol… I have been using them for.. hmm 8 years? Who knows.. they fulfill a purpose and make it easy so I use them plus I get great reseller pricing. They help with NAP “Name Address Phone” consistency in case you didn't know.
  • So semrush has integrated with them and they have really great pricing too! I have 2 clients tied into it because I wanted to test it, plus they give you really good pricing as well. I think the listing is $30 a month, but they offer a heatmap option which is $40 a month which is well worth it.
  • The heatmap is pretty awesome, but limits you to only 5 heatmaps. I would like to see them offer more down the road, but if you are using a software like Local Viking for heatmaps, you might be able to cancel that and just roll it into the semrush heatmap plan. Worth checking out!

Selling Semrush Reports

  • Yeah so it might sound strange, but you could sell reports from semrush to others! Most people don't want to pay the $99 a month or more depending on your plan if they aren't using the software as much, but getting a nice report is useful.
  • So you could essentially reach out to your groups that you might be in and offer $10 reports, which literally take you 5 minutes to generate into a nice clean PDF.
  • You can also configure the reports anyway you like.
  • You can also set them to be emailed weekly as well.
  • This is another area where I never really took advantage of the reporting they offer, but should!
  • In my opinion reports are good, but most people who look at a 20-30 page report really have no clue, so when I do reports for clients I normally make a nice 5 minute video where I go over the rankings, improvements etc.. and they seem to love those the best!

Creating Videos In Semrush To Help Land Clients or Sell These Video Reports

  • I mentioned the video reports above and that leads me to how you can use semrush to close the deal with clients or help other people close deals for you.
  • I am in a lot of marketing groups where people are just getting started. They are asked often for help with SEO. Since they don't really know what to look for they come to me.
  • Now what I will do is pull up the potential clients website, then pull it up in semrush and just go over all the things I see. I will also do a few other things as well, but ulitmately when they see how bad their rankings are and all the things that need to be done, it is usually an easy close!
  • Now depending on who you are working with… maybe they bring jobs to you a lot I will do the video for FREE, but if it is a one time thing I will usually charge $50 for a 10 minute video and they love them! It always helps close the deal… almost always 😉

Well Is That Enough?

  • I hope you watched the video! I think seeing that will really open your eyes up to what you can do with SEMRUSH. I could go on for pages about all the things you can do with the program, but again I don't even take advantage of it all ha!
  • I would say if you go this far, then ask me some questions below and I will answer them the best I can.

Hey…. still here!? As I am writing this I am saying to myself… hey self.. if they got this far, then maybe you should offer them a free semrush report! So yeah…. if you want a FREE report then fill out the form below and I will hook it up. Will just be the basic overview report, but I think it will help you out! Hey I am a giver!! All good thank me later!





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