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Cash Tracking System Review: A Pyramid Scheme Scam

Are you aware what a Pyramid scheme is? A pyramid scheme promises to make money by recruiting members. You do not invest or sell any products, but you have to reel in new members into the system. You make money according to the number of recruitments you, and your recruited members make. It’s different from the Ponzi scheme, but both are illegal and are classic examples of scams.

Cash Tracking System is a disguised Pyramid scheme. It’s a cash-gifting scheme where you have to ‘gift’ money in the form of a setup fee and monthly subscription fee to the system for becoming a member. You also have to shell out cash-pledge, which I will explain later. Your recruiter will earn a commission for your enrollment. After becoming a member, you can make money by recruiting other persons in the same way you were recruited.

Have you heard of an infamous Chinese company named Tiens, which is a classic Pyramid scheme scam? Cash Tracking System is similar to Tiens scam; the difference is that it only has an online presence.

On its website, CTS claims that it's the “most powerful cash-generating system on the Internet.” This review will put its claims to the test and evaluate if there's any veracity to this whole thing, or it is just a pipedream.

But first, let me explain why I’m writing this review.

Why Am I Writing This Review?

To discover and provide my readers with the best online money-making opportunities and caution them if any course, scheme, or program is a scam so that you do not waste your money and time on useless or money-sucking things.

You see, I first started working in online marketing back in 2006. I have faced many scams, tolerated many fake gurus, and burned thousands of dollars to up my online earning game. I have also met some valuable people along the way, who kept my belief in online marketing.

I know it's tough to start and make a dent in online earning. After 14 years of experience, I feel well-positioned to pass on helpful and valuable advice. I know the trends, and I also know the evergreen marketing tips that can make a ton of money and save you a lot a time.

Disclaimer: This review is my 100% unbiased and honest opinion. I’m not affiliated with the Cash Tracking System, and I'll get no benefit if you go for this scheme or simply avoid it.

Let’s start with an overview.

A Complete Overview of The Cash Tracking System:

  • In its own words, the Cash Tracking System is the “most powerful cash-generating system on the Internet.”
  • You require a personal invitation from an existing member to join this program. The invitation provides you with a password that you have to enter to log in.
  • After logging in, you have to pay a one-time setup fee and monthly subscription fee.
  • After paying the fees, you have to fill a form to complete your membership enrolment. You've to enter your name, email ID, phone number, and last four digits of the credit card number.
  • After that, you've to choose the level of your participation. There're five levels:


  • $500
  • $1500
  • $3500
  • $6500
  • $10,500


  • You have to pledge the amount you have chosen, and you can earn only that level of amount from other people.
  • After becoming a full member, they provide you with a page, which they call a website, and you will bring your recruits to that page.
  • To complete your pledge, they provide training. There are four modules of training:


  1. The Presentation Center: Here, you invite any person to become a member.
  2. CTS Back Office: Here, they claim to provide you with software that manages your whole business automatically.
  3. Training Center: It contains audio and video training material on every aspect of this program.
  4. Support Center: It works as a direct line for availing the support team's assistance regarding any issue.


  • Without confirming your inviter's receipt of your pledge, you can't access the membership tools and training center.
  • According to their claim, you earn money by inviting the other persons to your Presentation Center and recruiting them in the same way that you were recruited.

Does this make sense to you? You’re not going to sell anything. You just have to convince other people to join the program and pay the setup, monthly fee, and amount pledged as you have paid in your case.

How Much Does It Cost To Join the Cash Tracking System?

  • First, you have to pay a one-time setup fee of $25.
  • Along with the setup fee, you've to shag out a monthly subscription fee of $34.95, which makes a total of $59.95 for the first month.
  • You also have to pledge the amount of money according to your chosen level.
  • You're also required to provide personal information such as name, phone number, email ID, and last four credit card number digits. It's very risky to provide your personal information to such a dubious website.

After providing all this money and details, you have to recruit people to join the program. Otherwise, you’re not going to make any money.

Beware that they're not providing any money-back guarantee, and also there's no refund policy. That means if you cannot convince anyone to join the system, which is quite likely to happen, and make no money, you wouldn't get your money back.

Let me help you decide whether to go with this system or not by bringing some shocking facts about the Cash Tracking System to the surface.

  1. “Charitable Purposes:”

  • Do you want to join the Cash Tracking System for charitable purposes or for making money? And are they running this program and charges fees for charitable purposes or business purposes? I'm asking these questions because when you visit their website and after clicking join now when you go to the member login page, you see a whole page of instructions about the Cash Tracking System. In the first paragraph, they have mentioned their purpose for creating and running this system:

“The Cash Tracking System is a private association of consenting individuals who have reached the age of majority (legal age) in the state or province in which they reside, and who willingly and knowingly have come together for charitable purposes. Participants have chosen to exercise their right to freely give to others who have joined with the same purpose and understanding.”

  • That's undoubtedly a great lie. Neither they are doing all this for charitable purposes and nor you're joining them for that.
  1. Conflicting Statement/Disclaimer About Making Money:

  • On the home page of Cash Tracking System, they ask you, “Are you ready for financial freedom?” and then they assert that Cash Tracking System is “the most powerful cash-generating system on the Internet.” But on the member login page, shockingly, they put a disclaimer that there are no money-making benefits of this entire activity and you’ll make no money:


“There are no investments here, no paychecks, no products or services to sell, no seminars to attend, no DVDs or manuals to buy, and no one MAKES or EARNS any money.

There are no profit making benefits of any kind associated with this activity. No benefit or return of any nature is expressed or implied and no promises or guarantees of any such return are permitted to be made by any participant of this activity.

By participating in the CASH TRACKING SYSTEM and willingly giving a gift to one or more of its participants, the donor of such a gift has chosen to extinguish all rights to the gift and cannot rightfully expect or depend on the CASH TRACKING SYSTEM or any of its participants for any type of monetary compensation.”


  • It raises your eyes. Yep! And it alarm bells start ringing in your mind. Of course! It means that actually you're giving gifts with the purpose of charity and you're not expecting any money in return for it.
  • Then how will you gain financial freedom according to their original claim? By paying fees to the Cash Tracking System for charity? Truly pathetic!
  1. No Contact Details, No About Us Page:

  • This is a common trait among all the scams that they don't provide correct or satisfactory details about themselves. They also try to hide the contact details and true identity of the founder and the team. Cash Tracking System has all of these characteristics abundantly.
  • There’s no About Us page or Contact Us page on the website of Cash Tracking System. They don’t provide any details about the founder or the team of this system, or where the company is located. There’re no details whatsoever about the company. Can you trust this type of Company? Can you rely on this kind of system to pin your hopes for making any money? Even someone with average intelligence will say no to these questions.
  1. Cash Tracking System Is Working Under Different Domains:

  • Cash Tracking System makes you wonder at every point. If you assume you can approach this system only at one domain –cashtrackingsystem.com – then you’re absolutely wrong. It looks like they have created some clone websites to make their system more ‘approachable’ and ‘trustworthy.’
  • You can access the same Cash Tracking System at any of the following domains:



  • By clicking any of these links, you will access the same Cash Tracking System. These websites have the same design and same System with similar details.
  • This fact reveals that they’re operating through multiple domains and can leave a domain anytime. It makes them untrustworthy and unreliable.
  1. Have To Add Two Persons:

  • When you're newly recruited, in addition to paying fees, you also have to add two persons to the System. Without completing this task, you'll not be eligible to make money.

Cash Tracking System: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

  • After reading the above details and facts, now you know what type of program it is.
  • It's a Pyramid scheme. And pyramid schemes are not only scams, but they have also been declared illegal.
  • Cash Tracking System does not provide you any details about the founder, team, company, location, or contact information. Your inviter is your sole contact with the company.
  • They put a thorough disclaimer that it's a charitable program and not a money-making program on their login page. But on the other side, they promise you financial freedom. It means they're telling lies and shedding any of their liability.
  • They're operating from different domains. Many of them you may not even know. There's a high probability that they may leave any domain at any time, making them highly unreliable to do business with.

Given these facts, my honest and unbiased opinion is that the Cash Tracking System is a naked SCAM!

Please do not give them any money and do not provide them with any personal information. It's only a waste of time, money, and energy.

How Easy Is It To Make Money With Cash Tracking System?

  • Cash Tracking System is a complete scam. You will not make any money with this system. On the member login page, they claim that this program is just for charitable purposes and not for business purposes, and you'll not make any money out of this entire activity. You should also not expect any money in return for your ‘gift' to an existing member.
  • These types of schemes just take your money and your data and vanish after some time. They also sell your personal information to other persons or companies for misuse or marketing purposes.

You will only lose money with this program and your energy as well. You'll not find any testimonial of any person making money with the Cash Tracking System on its website. That’s because no one is making a dime with this program.

Do I Recommend the Cash Tracking System?

  • Nope! I would recommend you stay miles away from this program. It’s a scam and created with the only purpose of deceiving you.
  • Do not pay any money to any person or website associated with this program. Instead, after knowing all these details, you should also prohibit other people from joining this scam.

You will find a lot of scams associated with online earning. It does not mean that online earning itself is a scam. No! It's not! I'm making all of my vast sums of money only working online. Let me tell you how I am doing it.

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1 thought on “Cash Tracking System Review: A Pyramid Scheme Scam”

  1. I have been with Cash Tracking System since 2014. I quit my job and haven’t worked since 2015 because of CTS. I read your review and it is so flawed. You even call it a MLM. Obviously you did not actually do any real research in your review. MLM there’s always a fat cat at the top and a bunch of loser at the bottom. CTS there is no fat cat at the top and all members are on a level playing field. I used to do the same thing when I was into internet marketing. Writing reviews that ultimately down play the actual reviewed product or service while giving a favorable (your) alternative. Such a slow way to get paid not to mention all the time, effort, and or money you had to put forth into this. I spent 6 years doing the same. I am so happy I found CTS. If you are tired of wasting time and effort check out my CTS site and I have you well on your way to “Financial Freedom” in 30 days or less. CashWithChet.com


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