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Local Viking Review: Can This GMB Posting Software Increase Your Ranking On Google?

Are you looking for a tool to help with managing your Google My Business accounts? Or maybe you just want to be able to track and rank your GMB locations a little bit better in order to get more local clients?

If you just answered yes to any of the questions, then you want to read my Local Viking review to the end. In this post, you will learn how you can boost the visibility of your GMB, attract more potential customers and make more profit.

PS. I did a video review where I walk you through how Local Viking works. So if you don't want to read all of this, just watch the video below. It is about 20 minutes long, but I believe it is worth it as I show you a quick way to get some new local clients using this system as well!


What is Local Viking?

local-viking-reviewLocal Viking is a comprehensive GMB management software that allows you to automatically schedule your GMB posts, rank locations, manage reviews, and protect your listings from malicious user edits all on a single dashboard. The software allows you to track your progress which makes reporting a lot easier.

The central goal of the platform is to help you become more visible to people who are searching for your type of product and services and generate more revenue.

This system was designed by a team of developers and SEO experts with a track record of building and developing valuable and effective SEO solutions to help agencies and local businesses attract more customers on Google.

The software has helped hundreds of businesses to achieve their search engine optimization goals. The developers use a combination of the industry’s best practices, latest technology and tools to create a software that helps entrepreneurs and startups access vital marketing solutions within a single dashboard.

For larger teams that operate in different locations, Local Viking’s dashboard has an unlimited number of sub users where you can easily assign your team members to different locations as admins. The basic plan allows you to manage 10 listings for yourself or your clients (if you’re an agency)

The system comes with many features designed to help you overcome challenges that most businesses often encounter with Google My Business.

Local Viking: Is It Legit Or Just Another Scam?

Local Viking is not a scam.

The brains behind Local Viking have helped thousands of local businesses to manage, optimize and rank their GMB listings. At some point, they realized the software solutions on the market were overpriced with underwhelming results. So, they rose up to the challenge by coming up with a solution that caters for GMB posting needs of their clients. The tool integrates GMB reviews, photos, and attribute editing.

Today, it is one of the most efficient GMB software management platforms on the market that manage over 50,000 listings globally. The availability of this vital GMB posting software has provided more agencies and businesses with one-stop solutions to all their GMB problems. Agencies can easily schedule posts, track rankings, and manage all GMB assets with ease.

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How To Connect Your GMB Listings To Local Viking

  • Head on to the Google Accounts Tab
  • Connect account via Add Account
  • Select your GMB location and watch as the information populates

Local Viking communicates with Google My Business via an API key. Towards the bottom of the location screen, you will find a connected RSS feed to your GMB posts. Every account has a RSS feed integrated to it. This enables you to promote your posts across Google, including Search and Maps. For larger businesses with multiple locations, they can use the “multi locations’ feature to upload tons of images to their GMBs. The “multi location posts” feature also works the same way.

Local Viking Review: Functionalities/Features

It comes with a great number of features that aim to help you overcome challenges associated with GMB. The following are the key features that you can take advantage of to take your business to the next level:

GeoGrid Rank Tracker “My Favorite Part!”

GeoGrid rank tracker is a unique feature that sets Local Viking apart from other GMB management tools on market today. This feature contains geospatial data that enables you to see rankings of accounts according to your location on the maps. It shows you a specific grid size over your location and where your GMB is ranking in relations to your competitors.

The functionality is so super-duper descriptive that you can see those ranking above you. The insights help you to focus on how to improve the ranking and visibility of your account and attract more customers to your business.

Every account, regardless of the account type or pricing plan is entitled to a set amount of GeoGrid points.

Just think about showing this grid to a potential client and showing them all the competition that is ranking above them!? Client sold!

Location Content Calendar 

Location content calendar is a tool within the software that allows you to schedule and track content being created on your GMBs. Your images and posts show up in the calendar. This feature is particularly ideal for larger teams operating in multiple locations. It allows you to effectively manage all your GMBs’ content assets on a single dashboard.

Local Viking Google Insights

  • One of the amazing benefits that this system offers is the ability to pull up tons of data for the purpose of analytics which helps you to beat the restrictions associated with Google My Business insights dashboard. With the Local Viking Google Insights, you can compare your performance between two different times.

The Local Viking Google Insight allows you to measure progress. More important, this feature lets you know what’s working or what’s not working. That way, you can tweak where necessary to improve your ranking and visibility.

Reporting Features

  • Viking has a full-white label reporting option that allows you to create a comprehensive report of their performance over a period of time. This functionality is ideal for agencies that need to communicate reports of performance to their clients. In the reporting tab, you can create a report on a pre-set schedule and forward it to your clients. The feature is uber-specific as it allows you to select which insights to include in the report.

Local Viking Edit Tab

This feature allows you to edit your GMB attributes right from the Local Viking dashboard. Google My Business is volatile as accounts are often being suspended for violating Google terms of use. With this functionality, you can easily make necessary changes in order to avoid being suspended.

The Editing Tab of Local Viking comes with a lock option. This unique mechanism allows you to fix or freeze the attribute in place in order to prevent competitors from changing anything on your account. The Edit Tab can also notify you if any changes are being made on your GMB.=

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GMB Profile Photos

This feature enables you to upload or change profile pictures on your GMB. You can access it by heading over to the Single Photo Tab on Local Viking dashboard. This option is particularly ideal for agencies managing multiple clients across multiple cities or businesses that own multiple accounts.

When you upload a photo, you can select the category you want it to be displayed. You can also edit the metadata directly on your dashboard using the Edit tab. 

Business Review Management Feature

  • With this feature, you can easily respond to all the reviews that come through your GMB on the Local Viking dashboard. The review feature lets you track responses and leverage the feedback to rectify any situations that might negatively affect the positive ranking of your client’s business. The reviews allow you to measure your success against your online visibility.

If you own a business, you can upload your CSV file of questions/answers, and it will be featured on your GMB. Local Viking allows you to do all these amazing stuff and more on a single dashboard.


Once your GMB account is verified, you want to stay updated on the activities that revolve around how people interact with your business online. Local Viking has got you covered on this. The “Notification” section allows you or your sub-user to get notified by email and/or SMS whenever there is any change on your GMB listings. This enables you to respond swiftly to any form of malicious edits and other activities that portend negative SEO.

Local Viking Pricing

The price varies, depending on the plan you’re subscribing to, the number of locations where your business is located and the size of your business. Even at that, I feel they offer a fair pricing system on all of the service packages.

As of today I am on the Agency Plan which is $99 a month.

All Local Viking Plan Costs Below:


Who Is Local Viking For?

This platform is designed for businesses of all types and sizes that want to maximize GMB to create a solid online presence and generate more sales. This software is especially crucial for SEO experts and agencies that are focused on helping local businesses to get new customers. Any entrepreneur or startup who has their business listed on GMB can also take advantage of this amazing software to effectively coordinate and manage activities on their account.

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