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Rod Wave Net Worth

Image courtesy – Clture.org

Rodarius Marcell Green is a famous rapper who also goes for the name Rod Wave. He has a net worth of $1.75 million dollars. This rapper was born on August 27, 1999, in St. Petersburg, Florida.

  • He was very young when his parents got split. When he was five he started singing. At 17, his father got out of prison and bought him a mic. Rod already had a computer given by his friend, so he used it to connect with his mic and start making music. 

One of Rod’s friends promoted his early tracks locally, which helped Rod in getting a few opportunities.

  • He got the chance to perform in small shows and became a bit popular in Florida, which led him to get noticed by record labels. He finally signed with Alamo Records. 

His career took off when one of his songs “Heart On Ice” got viral on TikTok, even though he had no idea what TikTok was, neither he had any social media account.

  • He has always been very antisocial and hangs out with his engineer in a hotel room only instead of going out with other artists. 

Rod Wave has never let success get to him, and is overall a very humble person who doesn’t live the typical rapper lifestyle. He doesn’t go for clubbing neither he takes any drugs.

He has a girlfriend who is pregnant with twins, and he is only interested in them and music. 

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