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Fast Fortune Club Review: Financial Freedom In Your Inbox Or A Scam?

“Achieve complete financial freedom by spending just 10 minutes per day” is the promise of Fast Fortune Club. Can you believe it? Is Fast Fortune Club legit? Is it a tremendous money-making opportunity? Let's find out …

Fast Fortune Club
Fast Fortune Club

In this Fast Fortune Club review, I'm going to take this program under the scope to evaluate their claims' veracity and either recommend or reject it.

We humans like the idea of passive income. We even take the risk of losing money for the possibility of getting easy money. The stock market is the prime example of this mentality. Most people know that there is a high risk of losing money in stocks and less chance of becoming a millionaire even after a considerable time; even then, people invest in stocks on the lure of getting large amounts of money automatically.

Many businesses and traders bank on this desire of people and launch courses and programs to sell investment advice. Fast Fortune Club is one of them.

What Is Fast Fortune Club?

Fast Fortune Club is a subscription-based investment advice newsletter. Other than the newsletter, it also includes money calendar, payday alerts, progress reports, master class, a quick start cash course, and Fast Fortune community membership. The details of these products are given below.

At the very outset, I want to say that if you're not interested investing in stocks, then you don't need to read this review. But if you're looking for any money-making opportunity, then it's highly possible that someone may lure you into buying stocks. So, you wouldn't regret reading this review.

Before diving into the review, let me tell you why I’m writing this review.

Why Am I Writing Fast Fortune Club Review?

  • I started working in online marketing in 2006. As with most people, I was also after making a ton of money online. At that time, there were not many credible sources available to learn digital marketing and make money. But a lot of scams were readily available to take the benefit of novices like me.
  • So, I have lost thousands of dollars on useless courses, programs, and schemes. Countless hours have been wasted in following unproductive trainings. In the end, I made it, and now, I'm a successful digital entrepreneur. But it was not a walk in the park.
  • During my marketing journey, I felt that something was missing—something which could guide people to take a course, buy a program or scheme or refrain from it. So, I decided to build a platform for offering free guidance—the result: TheDailySEM.
  • I’m writing this review for the same purpose. Either to nudge people to take the plunge or to warn them of impending risk.

Disclaimer: This review is my 100% honest, unbiased opinion; based on my years of experience. I'm not associated or affiliated with Fast Fortune Club. I will get no benefit if you buy this program or not. I’m also not a member of this club.

I have spent a lot of time researching about this program, its founder, and its users. I hope it will help you reach a better decision.

Let’s jump on the review.

An Overview Of The Fast Fortune Club:

  • Fast Fortune Club is a newsletter imparting investment advice for people interested in stocks. It comes along with some other goodies, which are listed in detail below.
  • The owner and founder of this platform is Tom Gentile. They call him “America's number 1 pattern trader'‘ which seems quite a boost on their part because outside of Money Map Press, the parent company of Fast Fortune Club, nobody knows him that much.
  • He also claims that he becomes a multimillionaire with trading stocks. Well, good for him if it’s true.
  • Tom Gentile is also the author of some investment books such as Optionetics, Index Trading Course, etc.
  • This newsletter promises you financial freedom by spending just 10 minutes a day, which looks spammy.
  • The Fast Fortune Club newsletter provides information about market research, stock news, trading signals, best investment opportunities, and general investment advice.
  • The purpose of providing all this information is to help you in making well-thought-out investment decisions. They claim that they have taken out all of the guesswork from stock investment decisions, and all you have to do is follow them. That's quite misleading on their part because no matter how much data you have or how much you study the past performance, there is always some amount of guesswork involved in stock-investment decisions, which carries all the risk.

It would be helpful for you only if you're interested in learning trading and making money through stocks.

But if you're interested in making money relatively quickly and without losing it, then stocks are not your thing because it requires time to make money on stocks, and the risk of losing money is always there.

 How Much Does It Cost To Subscribe to Fast Fortune Club?

  • Fast Fortune Club does not come cheap. Actually, it's very expensive, considering the fact that it's only a newsletter.
  • The price for Fast Fortune Club is $599 per year.
  • Now, you're paying this price just for getting advice and some information about stocks. You're not actually investing your money in stocks yet. There's a significant difference.
  • This advice can be right and also can be wrong.
  • They take no responsibility if you act on their advice and get burned.

Along with this newsletter's cost, they expect you to invest thousands of dollars in stocks; otherwise, what's the use of this information.

What’s Included In The Package?

Other than the Fast Fortune Club newsletter, the following are some products that are also included in the subscription:

Money Calendar:

With this tool, they inform you about trading patterns. They said they would “show you how to set up a series of take-it-to-the-bank pay-outs week after week.” They include money-making opportunities in this calendar.

Alerts And Appointments:

This tool works with Money Calendar. It alerts you about trading opportunities. It also provides weekly tips and information about the market, trading research, and advice and recommendations.

Million Dollar Masterclass:

Every month they hold a session for subscribers and teach trading techniques and strategies. Tom Gentile and other experts offer advice about how to negotiate stock prices and other these types of things. Because of direct communication, it contains more value.

Fast Fortune Community:

By subscribing to Fast Fortune Club, you also become a member of their private community. Here you can communicate with other members and share your thoughts or learn new things about trading. You also know how the other members are using Fast Fortune Club's advice, and they are getting any benefit or not.

 Quickstart Cash Course:

This course is created for beginners who are new to trading and don't know much about it. It's a video course where you learn step-by-step how to set up your trading account. You also learn basic education and training about stocks and trading.

Progress Reports:

You will receive a Progress Report every week in your inbox. It reveals the progress you made in the last week if there's any. It's a great way to track your performance. They also provide recommendations to improve your progress.

Access To The Annual Summit:

Tom Gentile conducts an annual trading summit and as a subscriber you get access to it. It's an excellent opportunity for learning and networking.


Every week Tom Gentile conducts a podcast for the members of the club. He shares what he had done this week and also his plans for the next week. He generally talks about trading and offers tips and tricks.

Digital Roundtable:

A live Q & A session with the Tom Gentile or other experts is also included where they answer your questions.

And that’s all included in the package. The choice is yours to decide whether it’s a good value for your money or not.

Is Fast Fortune Club Legit?

Yes! Fast Fortune Club is legit.

  • I’ve never found anything fishy that I would consider it a scam other than the tall claims they make.
  • Of course, you can find tons of cons in this course, and I also don't like many things, but I don't think they are scamming people.
  • You can also criticize the way they are marketing this course which gives the impression of a scam.

But the real question you should ask is whether it would make you any money or not because the purpose of all this exercise is not that you love trading. Actually, you want to make money for yourself.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

How Easy Is It To Make Money With Fast Fortune Club?

Here comes the point where things become complicated.

  • People have this false impression that you can easily make money with stocks while sitting on your couch or lying on the beach. That's wrong and a fast way to lose money.
  • The real thing is that there is a tiny percentage of people who actually make money with stocks, but most of the people lose money in stocks every year.
  • That’s why it’s a very risky game.
  • First, you need a lot of investment to get into trading.
  • The second thing is that most of the time, your success is dependent on luck and not on the investment advice of some newsletter.
  • The third thing is that for earning money in stocks, you have to be a shark. Small fishes usually lose money.

Because of these reasons, there's a dim chance of making any money either with stocks or with Fast Fortune Club.

Do I recommend Fast Fortune Club?

  • The answer is NO! I don't recommend you to subscribe to Fast Fortune Club.
  • I regard them as legit, and I have no hate either for Tom or his company.
  • But I don’t think you would make any money with stocks. I don’t recommend my readers to go into trading.
  • The reasons I mentioned earlier are enough to stay away from this business.

But I wouldn't leave you in the way without suggesting something great. Something which will actually make you money without the risk of losing any, and you wouldn't require heavy investment for that.

Is There An Easier Way To Make Money?

Yes, there is. You CAN bring in great and steady cash online, and I’m going to disclose it to you.

  • The best way to earn easy and consistent money online is local lead generation.
  • I'm doing this for years and doing great not only for me but for my clients also.
  • Like most of the lead generators, I also run Facebook ads to capture qualified leads.
  • Facebook campaigns are the most cost-effective and best approach to produce leads.

I know it's not easy for beginners to create profitable ad campaigns; that's why I suggest they should join Local Marketing Vault.

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What Is Local Marketing Vault?

It's a Facebook ads and sales funnels training program that instructs and prepares you to draw in qualified leads for the local businesses.

  • Even beginners are making 4-5 figure monthly income after joining this program and putting into action their training.
  • It doesn't expect you to be an ace advertiser or tech master to make the most out of this course.
  • It additionally furnishes you with pre-made sales funnels, and you can execute them in your customer's business without any hassle.
  • A private Facebook group of over 5000 marketers is also created around this program, and you will be pleased to join it.

Stocks hardly make you any money. Fast Fortune Club will not provide you financial freedom. What you need is a solid program, practical training, and a good work ethic to make a killing online, and that's what Local Marketing Vault will do for you. Join NOW!


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