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Ricky Gutierrez Net Worth

Ricky Gutierrez net worth 2021

Everything you need to know about Ricky Gutierrez Net Worth

Ricky Gutierrez is a fantastic Youtuber and entrepreneur and has a story worth sharing. His estimated net worth is around $1.5 million. Read more to find out how he reached this milestone.

  • He was born on 2 January 1995, in the USA. Ricky is also well known as the most famous entrepreneur for his iconic YouTube channel, where he gives tips on investments in penny stocks, bitcoins, real estate, and more. To date, his financial experience has won him over 950,000 subscribers.

Ricky got his hands on numerous business projects from an early age. He had a real love for skating as a 14-year-old. This was expressed in the making of custom fingerboards in his first venture. The young kids first misunderstood Ricky's idea, so the group began to fall apart after a while. Ricky Gutierrez was the only one left in this business venture. For three years, Ricky continued to work as a hobby, scooping him one thousand dollars a year. Eventually, he saved his cash to open a trading account to trade in the stock market.

  • Ricky was determined to understand the stock market at the age of 15. Sadly, he had no advice, and at the time, nobody talked about trade in his circle. That caused Ricky to lose money, but he did not become discouraged. Deciding to avoid real money investing, he switched to a paper trading simulation portfolio. He was only able to start trading for real money when he felt secure.

At the age of 18, Ricky was drawn to the car industry when his brother worked with a dealer. Flipping cars are nowadays a hobby for him in which they purchase and sell low-end vehicles for money (and exotic cars). Eventually, after a lot of success, he found TechBud Solutions to add more value and network to like-minded people. Techbud Solutions is a peer network that allows inspired people to interact and contributes to personal businesses there.

  • Everyone has numerous dreams and priorities. Following your passion and acting on it is critical. Ricky demonstrated that he pursues his love for stock market trading. You can see the hundreds of videos he released on Youtube and on the popular Techbud Solutions brand. He is successful himself and works hard to teach people that they can accomplish the same feat if they understand the market. His story is experiencing and tells us that the right decisions help a man in the long run. 

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