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Meek Mill Net Worth

meek mill net worth
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Everything you need to know about Meek Mill Net Worth

Robert Rihmeek Williams who is known as Meek Mill is a rapper, songwriter, and producer born and raised in Philadelphia. He embarked on his music career as a battle rapper and later he performed short-lived rap music. He has an estimated net worth of $22 million. Here are some interesting facts about his life and his road to success

 Early Life and Career

  • Meek Mill was born on May 6th, 1987. He was born in Philadelphia. When he was just five years old his father was robbed and killed. His mother had to work many odd jobs like cutting hair. She even had to shoplift in order to put food in his sister and his stomach. Growing up he was an introvert. He was very shy and hardly spoke to anyone. 
  • Meek discovered Hip-hop from his uncle who was a DJ in the California music scene who had worked with Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff. He began watching DVDs of rappers and trying to emulate them.
  • As a teenager he started battle rapping, he would stay up late at night filling notebooks with lyric ammunition that he would be able to derive while rapping. 
  • He formed a rap quartet- The Bloodhoundz and recruited friends to burn their songs onto blank CDs and help pass them out. They released four mixtapes in total. 
  • Once he was 18 he was badly beaten by the police. He was walking to the corner store and he had a gun on him. Meek ended up on probation.

Rapping Career 

Meek Mill originally signed with T.I’s label, Grand Hustle Records. However, Meek and T.I both got into legal trouble and because of that he never released his album under T.I. He was then scooped up by rapper Rick Ross’s MayBach group, Where his first album Dreams and nightmares came out and it was ranked number two on Billboard 200. 

  • He has had his fair share of rap beefs, the most notable being his feud with Drake where he accused the Toronto-based rapper of using a ghostwriter. Drake responded with two diss tracks, the second one was titled back to back. It was streamed half a million times in four hours. Even though many considered that it would be a death blow for Meek Mill it wasn't. He continued to bicker back and forth for several months. 
  • For a parole violation, Meek was sentenced to jail for up to four years. After a public outcry and support from a famous rapper Jay-Z. Meek was then released. He had spent five unnecessary months behind bars. 
  • He went on to produce a documentary called Free Meek detailing his struggle with the criminal justice system. It is available on Amazon Prime. 
  • Throughout all violations in courtrooms, jails, and prisons it is estimated that he dropped approximately $30 million dollars on legal representation. 
  • He dated Nicki Minaj from 2015-2017. Nicki claimed that he was physically abusive but he denies it. His new girlfriend is a fashion designer who gave birth to their first child on his 33rd Birthday. He also has two songs Rameek and Murad from previous relationships. 

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