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Pejman Ghadimi – Net Worth – Not Lazy

Pejman Ghadimi net worthPejman Ghadimi is a serial, self-made entrepreneur and best-selling author with roughly $50 million in net worth.

Pejman has been developing companies for more than two decades, ranging from VIP Motoring (which provides premium concierge services) to myPosterity (a family storytelling app) to online courses like the Watch Trading Academy (which teaches you how to make money flipping watches), Exotic Car Hacks (shows you how to drive your dream car for little or nothing) and Secret Entourage (where you can get training from industry experts who have a combined net worth of $10 billion).

He's also published Theory of the Third Circle (a guide to self-awareness) and RADIUS (the universal business language).

Ghadimi says his businesses have made a combined $87,000,000 in revenue only last year. How’s that for figures?

Pejman is a walking billboard for what he teaches, demonstrating time and again that creativity, self-education and execution are all things that stand in the way of you and your next big business.

PJ's main focus these days is on mentoring the next generation of millionaires. He has almost 40,000 students worldwide, and I'm sure that number will continue to grow each month.

Pejman’s story is an inspirational one if you want to learn to use your skills to turn impressive profits!

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