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Option Profit Accelerator Review: Can It Really Help You Double Your Account?

stock option chartWith tons of courses flying over the internet – each promising to teach you how to make money from the comfort of your home, it is normal to get overwhelmed and even confused when it comes to differentiating between those that are legit and the ones that are garbage.

One of such courses that has caught much attention lately is Option Profit Accelerator, a book designed to teach you how to trade options. A lot of reviews have been written on it with some calling it a scam while some believe it is legit.

But the question is, can learning option trading from this book help you make money and achieve your dreams of financial freedom? Does the book offer sufficient recipes to immune against the enormous risk involved in a typical option trading?

If you want to get answers to all these questions, then you want to read my objective review of the book to the end.

In my Option Profit Accelerator review, I will dig deep into the book as well as provide full details that will guide you to make an informed decision.

What is Option Profit Accelerator About?

  • Option Profit Accelerator is a free ebook authored by Jeff Bishop with the objective to teach people his strategy on trading options. While the idea of option trading may appear a little complex especially if you are venturing into it for the first time, Jeff did a great job by simplifying the concept so that beginners with no experience can follow along and adopt his system to make profits.
  • Jeff claims that by learning his strategy, which has earned him millions of dollars, you will be able to double and even possibly triple your account.

In case option trading looks a bit strange to you, here’s the breakdown of how it works:

What Are Options?

  • Options are contracts that give the bearer the right (but not obligation) to either buy or sell some underlying assets which could be stocks, bonds, ETFs or mutual funds at a predetermined price when or before the contract expires. You can purchase options like other asset classes with brokerage investment accounts.

Why Do People Trade Options?

  • Well, there are many good reasons people trade options.
  • First, trading options typically doesn’t require as much money to get started. You can trade with a small amount of money and still have huge profit potential if you really know your onions.
  • Another reason why people trade options is because they can use leverage to get considerable returns without investing so much capital. This can be more risky especially if you are a newbie.

In addition, trading options gives you more ability to customize your trading strategies unlike stocks. For example, you can choose trade duration, or select between either directional strategies vs non-directions.

  • Regardless of the strategy you adopt, the fact remains that trading options can be a risky game especially if you follow Jeff’s strategy. His strategy is best for only those who can take insanely huge risks.

You should probably stay away from it if you cannot afford to lose some money.

The question is: do you necessarily have to lose money to make money online? I leave you to answer that question while I continue with my review. Hopefully, the information in this review will help you to make the right decision.

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Who is Jeff Bishop?

  • Jeff is a stock trading veteran who specializes in trading options with over 20 years of experience. Lots of his success is attributable to his unique brilliance and expertise in advanced mathematics. He’s renowned for being one of the people with the highest IQ, a rare genetic possession that secures him the membership of the MENSA organization. Recently, Jeff has stopped trading actively and only focusing on creating courses to teach others how to trade like him.

Jeff is one of the best professional traders around. Over the years, he’s been able to develop a proven strategy that has helped him make a lot of money online. He loves to call himself a “contrarian” a term that highlights his unique perception to trading.

Overview of Option Profit Accelerator

  • The book has a total of 51 pages which covers a lot of topics on how you can learn option trading and become better at it. A substantial part of the book teaches you hedging strategies and how you can “lock in” wins in order to prevent losing your profits.
  • In his typical style, Jeff encourages making some moves even if they look risky. For example, the book talks about how small moves in the risky options market can produce phenomenal success for you. You will also learn about Jeff’s “inside secret” for finding options with large profit potential.

The book presents a vast amount of information. However, most of the information may appear basic especially if you already have experience in options trading. Even if you don’t, Jeff has simplified it to make it easy for anyone who picks up the book to understand it with little additional research.

An overview of the book

The topics include the following:

  • Using stop losses
  • How to time entries and scale into positions
  • Knowing current market conditions
  • Knowing when to go in big
  • Risk management
  • Not following the crowd
  • Recognizing and understanding trends
  • Different ways to trade options

For proper understanding, Jeff provides a good number of charts to explain his strategy. This can help you to know what to look for and how to identify a chart that has potential.

Is Option Profit Accelerator a Scam?

  • Nope, the book isn’t a scam. If anything, Option Profit Accelerator contains real, helpful information that exposes you to the world of option trading. Besides, it is a free resource which simply eradicates the fear of losing your money.

However, you may have to use an email you don’t really care about when downloading the ebook.

Jeff uses the free ebook download as a strategy to upsell you some of his other expensive services. Which means you should get ready to receive tons of upselling emails.

Since he’s not making money from his book, then you must be making a killing from other sources. Thus, he uses his book as a means of generating leads in order to upsell you much later down the funnel.

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Weekly Money Multiplier

Behind Jeff’s ostensible “generosity” lies the intention to persuade you to sign up for his Weekly Money Multiplier subscription service. This according to him, enables you to follow along with current trends and recommendations so that you can become informed and trade like an expert by copying his trades.

By subscribing for the service, he claims you will:

  • Gain access to live portfolio where Jeff livestreams his trades
  • Receive trade alerts where subscribers are notified when he buys and sells
  • watch video lessons where you gain access to a library of video lessons on basic and advanced trading strategies so that you can become a better trader.

The subscription fee costs $1,497 which according to him comes with a discount of nearly $6k.

Can the book truly help you to make money?

  • There is no guarantee that you will make money reading his book. It’s one thing to have the book, it is another thing to apply the knowledge learned from the book. Another thing is, Jeff doesn’t reveal his winning strategy in the free ebook. If he does, then there would have been the need to upsell his paid service.

In addition, following Jeff’s strategy means you are prepared to take risks. Jeff is a huge risk taker. He’s notorious for making big bets on risky trades that have the potential for large profits. Therefore, you have to think deeply if this is the kind of thing you want to do online to make money.

Do I recommend this Option Profit Accelerator?

Why not? It’s a free book and it costs you nothing.

The important question is, do I recommend option trading as an option to make money online?

To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend you venture into option trading or invest in Jeff’s Weekly Money Multiplier especially if you’re looking for a sustainable way to make money. While most things in life involve risks, making money doesn’t have to require a crazy amount of risks. Jeff’s strategy for option trading is super risky. That said, you can either win big or lose.

Jeff claims he has a strategy that will enable you to double or triple your account in 1 week. This will definitely involve a lot of outrageous risks, and you may end up losing all your money in the process. If you want to build a sustainable online business, then you have to look for a better alternative.

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What are the pros and cons of Option Profit Accelerator?


  • It is free
  • It contains good advice from an experienced trader
  • It is useful for beginners


  • It is a strategy to collect your email for upsell

  • It uses misleading promotional strategy

  • Following Jeff’s strategy involves huge risk

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