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Lisa Sasevich Net Worth

Lisa Sasevich net worth
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Everything you need to know about Lisa Sasevich Net Worth

Lisa Sasevich, is an American author, coach, entrepreneur, and businesswoman who has an estimated net worth of $10 million as of March 2021. She is most popularly known as an online coach and a teacher and teaches people about high impact and low cost customized sales and closing strategies which can greatly help the entrepreneurs of the future. 

Here are some more interesting details about the woman who was named the extraordinary entrepreneur of the year by Women Online Magazine;

Life and Career

  • Lisa Sasevich attended San Diego University from 1985 to 1898. She then graduated with a degree in business management and has never looked back since. Sasevich was initially not interested in entrepreneurship but that all changed in the mid-2000s when she was fired from her job at a corporate firm. After getting fired, she decided to start her home-based business.

Her company called The Invisible Close was launched in 2007 and was created with the sole principle of helping people achieve and realize their dreams and find means through which they can earn by doing what they love and what they are good at. 

  • After a slow start and a lot of hard work from Sasevich, the company today has made more than $40 million in sales and has assisted more than 150,000 clients in more than 140 countries around the world. Because of her accolades and accomplishments, she was graced with the Inc.500 twice in two consecutive years and was nicknamed the “Queen of Sales Conversion”.

Other Ventures

  • In addition to her work as a coach and an entrepreneur, Sasevich is also a highly regarded and well-known writer. She released her book called Meant for More: The Proven Formula to Turn Your Knowledge Into Profits in early 2020. The book was guided towards the coaching of teens as well as young adults.

In the book, Sasevich talks about how you can work and earn money while doing something you love and in this way, you will not have to confine yourself to a 9-to-5 job and the constant struggles that come with it. Her book received widespread praise from both readers and critics. 

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