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Oberlo 101 Review: A Dropshipping Treasure Or Just Another Useless Course

Dropshipping’s an online retail business method where you accept customers' orders but don't keep the goods or items in your stock. Instead, you transfer the order to a manufacturer or supplier, and they directly ship the goods to the customers. You don't have the physical possession of the goods, and also, you don't ship them to customers; you simply set a website, do marketing, bring traffic, and take orders from the customers.Oberlo 101

Oberlo app is a big name in dropshipping. It has solved the problem of manual uploading of products on Shopify stores and automated this process. That's why it's regarded as one of the best apps for dropshippers.

Oberlo launched their course, Oberlo 101, to teach dropshipping to beginners. It's a professional and well-crafted course presented by Jessica Guzik

They promise that you will get financial freedom with an online business after taking this course.

I don’t think that experienced dropshippers will learn anything with this course; it's mostly targeting beginners.

It’s a cheap course with a price of just $49.90. I would say it provides you more value for your money. But we will find below how much time you need to spend on the course, or whether it is disguised as a sales pitch for selling the Oberlo app.

Before I roll out my two cents about Oberlo 101, I want to clarify why I am writing this review.

Why Am I Writing This Oberlo 101 Review?

  • First, I love to help people make better choices, which bring value to their lives instead of despair and disappointment.
  • I’m working in the digital marketing arena since 2006. I have tested almost every method of earning money online. Along the way, I also got scammed, wasted thousands of dollars, and more importantly lost precious time. Now, I just see a program and can easily determine whether it’s legit or a scam.
  • The dropshipping industry is doing well these days. But not every course out there will teach you the skills you need to survive and thrive in the online retail business.

We will learn about the pros and cons of Oberlo 101 and why you should join or pass it.

Before that, I want to say that I'm not related to Oberlo in any way. I will get no benefit if you join the course after reading this review or simply rejecting it. This is my 100% honest and unbiased opinion.

I’d taken my time to learn thoroughly about dropshipping and Oberlo 101 to provide you with specific information and hard facts to help you determine whether this course will help you make money, or it's a futile exercise. Let's begin with an overview.

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An Overview Of The Oberlo 101:

  • Oberlo 101 is a dropshipping course.
  • It is targeted at beginner dropshippers.
  • The price of the course is just $49.90, which is relatively cheap. I think that they keep the price low because making money with this course is not their purpose here, but the Oberlo app's marketing and making new customers is.
  • You need an Oberlo account to access this course. You will get lifetime access to this course after enrolling. That means you can take the course at your own pace.
  • The length of the course is 7 hours, and there are 5 modules of content.

First Module – Getting Started With Oberlo 101:

  • The total time for this module is 19 minutes.
  • This is an introduction module, where you learn about how to navigate the course, what is dropshipping, three business models of dropshipping, and their pros and cons.

Second Module – Which Products To Sell?

  • The total time for this module is 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  • Here starts the juicy part.
  • You will learn about brainstorming product ideas.
  • How to choose the best products for your store?
  • How to find reliable suppliers?
  • This is one of the most important modules because your whole dropshipping business success depends upon products and suppliers.
  • This information is vital; you should pay heed to their advice.

Third Module – How To Set Up An Online Store?

  • The length of this module is 2 hours and 13 minutes.
  • You will learn how to sign up with Shopify.
  • How to choose a business name for your store?
  • Also, how to use the Oberlo app to upload products to your store?
  • You will learn the complete process of setting up a Shopify store and managing it with the Oberlo app.

Fourth Module – Facebook Ads:

  • With 2 hours and 23 minutes, it's the lengthiest module in this course.
  • In this module, they teach how to use Facebook ads to sell products at your Shopify store.
  • You will learn how the algorithm of Facebook works.
  • How to create and run successful Facebook ad campaigns?
  • You will also learn to create video ads.
  • They will also teach you about analyzing data of ad campaign results to adjust your campaign for optimum success.
  • This module will teach you in detail about Facebook ads. It’s a treasure for learning successful Facebook ads.
  • You will learn the practical implementation of creating ads and campaigns with over-the-shoulder videos.
  • In this module, they have created a real Facebook ad campaign by spending over a thousand dollars and analyzed its results before your eyes, and that's the most important highlight of this course. I will tell you below about the results they got through this ad campaign.

Fifth Module – Scale Your Business:

  • This module is about 46 minutes long.
  • You will learn about fulfilling orders and tracking the shipment.
  • You will also learn about managing refunds and returns professionally.
  • These are practical aspects of running a Shopify store, and you have to deal with them on a daily basis.

This course does not teach you about other Shopify apps for marketing and running your Shopify store successfully.

It’s an in-depth course about dropshipping using Aliexpress. You will learn some essential business skills in this course.

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What Can You Learn From This Oberlo 101 Course?

Setting Up A Shopify Store:

  • You'll learn how to set up a Shopify store and how to optimize it. You will also learn the use of the Oberlo app and how you can upload products and manage your store by using Oberlo.


  • The course is created to teach you dropshipping, so you will learn about it from scratch. This course can prove a great source of learning for you if you're a complete beginner. You will learn how to practically do dropshipping, choose the right products for your store, find trustworthy suppliers, fulfill orders, track shipments, deal with returns and refund demands, etc.

 Facebook Ads:

  • A full-fledged module is dedicated to creating successful Facebook ads and running ad campaigns. They try to teach every aspect of a successful Facebook ad such as content, targeting, budget, and then analyzing the data of results and adjusting your ad campaign accordingly. With over-the-shoulder videos, you will see the practical implementation of creating a real Facebook ad campaign and then running it.
  • But the interesting thing is that their ad campaign failed. Despite applying all of the strategies they teach in the course, their own ad campaign didn't bring positive results. Below, I will fully reveal it.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Oberlo 101?

  • Keeping in view their brand name and the content they’re providing, Oberlo 101 is quite cheap.
  • It only costs $40.90 to take this course. But there is a way you can get a further discount; if you go on their website and browse a few pages, going back and forth, a pop-up appears providing a 20% discount. Click the pop-up, and you can take the course for just $39.92.
  • It also takes 7 hours to watch videos, and it will demand a lot of work to learn these things. You’ll not become a master of dropshipping in seven hours.

If, after taking this course, you want to use the Oberlo app, you have to pay $29.90 monthly for their basic plan. Your costs will increase if you decide to use Facebook ads for your business.

Now that you've learned all about Oberlo 101 course, let's get to business; is it legit or a scam?

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Is Oberlo 101 Course Legit Or A Scam?

  • Oberlo is a famous brand in dropshipping. I don't suspect that they would launch a scam and earn a bad name for them even when they do not make much money with this course.
  • Also, there are some common features of scams such as unknown founder, hidden contact details, promises of making a bundle, and so on. You will not find these things in this course.

So my opinion is that it's legit and it's not a scam. They're not after making money through this course, but they are indeed using it as a marketing tool for the Oberlo app, which I think is a legit thing to do.

But is it useful and will you make money and achieve financial freedom by going through the course? That's debatable.

How Easy Is It To Make Money With Oberlo 101 Course?

  • This course is created for beginner dropshippers. You’ll definitely learn a lot about dropshipping.
  • But I don’t think you will make money easily and quickly because of two reasons:
  • First, dropshipping is not the best way to make money online.
  • Second, their strategies for creating and running successful Facebook ads are useless.

This course is legit, but you will not be able to make money with dropshipping easily and quickly. Competition is hard, and you need a lot of time, investment, and patience to succeed in this field.

Do I Recommend Oberlo 101 Course?

Facebook Ad Campaign – Failure:

  • To prove their strategies, they ran a real Facebook ad campaign. They spent $1000 over six weeks on Facebook ads. The result was an epic failure. They made only four sales and earned less than $100.
  • Now think! They are not beginners. They're experts. They know every strategy, technique, and trick to make their ad campaign tick. They teach a pretty much good course. But their ad campaign failed miserably.
  • Can you, a beginner and not a pro, become a successful dropshipper using these strategies where the creators of these strategies themselves failed?

Despite the failure of their Facebook ad campaign, I still think that it's a good dropshipping course for beginners. And I recommend it to people who're interested in doing dropshipping. But you will have to learn to create and run successful a Facebook ads campaign from another trusted source such as Local Marketing Vault.

Again I would say that dropshipping is not the best and easiest way to make money online, especially if you’re a novice in online marketing. So what is the best way to make money online? Let's talk about it.

What’s The Best Way To Make Money Online?

  • One Facebook ad campaign's failure will not harm people like Oberlo, but it can sink the dropshipping business of a beginner.
  • I believe the best and easiest way to make money online is through local lead generation. In my fourteen-year career as a digital marketer, I have used all the methods of making money, but no one is akin to lead generation with respect to profitability and making money.
  • In local lead generation, you help local businesses get more leads and customers and earn a handsome commission. I'm making 4-5 figure monthly income only with local lead generation. It’s an evergreen earning method.
  • I use Facebook ads to generate leads for local businesses.

As you can see in the case of Oberlo 101, creating and running successful Facebook ads is not a child's play. You need a lot of practice to create profitable Facebook ads. I learned this skill through Local Marketing Vault.

What Is Local Marketing Vault?

  • Local Marketing Vault is a lead generation program that teaches you to create and run Facebook ads and sales funnels.
  • It's not required to be a pro marketer or IT master to earn money online with this program. You'll see a lot of beginners doing well by taking this course. I'm earning 4-5 figure monthly income because of Local Marketing Vault, and you can too.
  • You get several pre-built sales funnels in this program, and you can apply them as they are to your client's business or customize them accordingly.
  • You become a member of an active Facebook community of over 5000 digital marketers. These people help you in solving all your marketing problems. You get the latest advice about what works and whatnot.

If you really want to make a bundle online from the very start, don't try dropshipping or other useless online money making methods. Instead, join Local Marketing Vault right now!

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