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Modern Millionaires Review: Don’t Buy It!

Is it really true that you have to pay $6900 to buy this course? Or is Modern Millionaires as cheap as $9.95?

modern millionaires review
should you invest in Modern Millionaires

In this Modern Millionaires review, you will learn the ins and outs of this course. Is Modern Millionaires course a scam? Will you become a millionaire after taking this course? Do I recommend it? And more …

Stay with me. You are going to have a hell of a ride.

You see, most of these course creators have a habit of selling wolf tickets. They promise you pie in the sky but, at delivery time, you find that they speak with a forked tongue. It seems creators of Modern Millionaires are no different.

With this course's name, you get the impression that it's a program about making money. At the same time, it also creates suspicion of having a scam.

Believe me, in this course; you will not learn anything about making money. Instead, you will discover mainly about Google ads and something about Facebook ads. They could have simply given it the name of a Google adverts course or Facebook ad course, but they chose to give it a misleading title only to get people's attention.

Make no mistake, Google ads and Facebook ads are pretty useful marketing methods. After learning from a credible source, you can sell the service of creating and running these ads for businesses, but it has nothing to do with becoming millionaires.

In this review, I'm going to surface the hidden facts of this course, and in the end, you will be able to decide whether to go this road or ignore this program entirely.

But before we roll, let me tell you why am I writing this review, in case you’re wondering.

Why Am I Writing Modern Millionaires Review?

  • I have created this website with the sole purpose of providing the best money-making opportunities to my readers. And also to caution them about the scams so that they would not lose their hard-earned money, precious time, and self-esteem on useless courses, programs, and schemes.
  • I started my career in digital marketing back in 2006. Like many others, I was also after the proven methods to make good money online. But instead, I got trapped by fake gurus, scammy schemes, bootless courses, and scams. I have lost a fair amount of money on these things. At last, I made it out, but it was not an easy ride for me.
  • Looking back, I realize that I didn't have the kind of guidance required for a novice to succeed online. That's why I have created this website to provide honest, non-affiliated, unbiased reviews of courses, programs, websites, schemes, etc. so that people can evaluate them in the actual light.

Disclaimer: This review is my 100% honest, unbiased, and professional opinion. I'm not associated or affiliated with Modern Millionaires in any way. I will get no benefit if you buy this course or not. This is only to provide you with free guidance and to help you reach a better decision.

I have spent many hours researching Modern Millionaires, its creators, and users to get the information and sense about this course. I hope it will be conducive for you.

Without further beating around the bush, let’s jump on the review with an overview of this course.

A Bird’s Eye View Of The Modern Millionaires Course:

  • It's Google ads and Facebook ads learning course. Abdul and Chance are the creators of this product. They have a YouTube channel, and they use that channel to sell this course.
  • But it's not a new course from these gentlemen. It's more like old wine in a new bottle because it looks like they have converted their former course Millionaire Middleman into a new one. But that's not all there because they are also selling the same course with another name; Officeless Agency. If you're buying any of these courses, you don't need to buy the other ones because they are the same thing.
  • The reason for changing Millionaire Middleman's name, it seems, was that it had earned quite a bad reputation on the internet and among the people who took that course. Anyway, it’s a red flag.
  • You can't exactly get what this course is about if you go by the course's name. It is mainly about learning Google ads for businesses; also, you get some insight on Facebook ads.

Abdul and Chance are not very recognized names in online marketing. Although they boast to have been featured on major media platforms, that's also not believable.

What Can You Learn From This Course?

If you want to learn how to create Google ads and want to offer this service to businesses, you're the target audience of this course.

These are the contents of this course:

 Module 1: Foundation

  • The first module is about the basics of starting a Google ads business.
  • You learn what are Google ads, why you should start this business etc.?
  • You will also find chapters about how to set up a website, how to buy a domain and hosting, how to select a niche, and how to build a website. You will also learn about the legal paperwork of your online advertising agency (remember Officeless Agency).
  • You will also find some content about launching your agency.

Module 2: How To Find Clients?

  • Do you know what's most important for a business? Yes, Clients. If you don't have enough clients, who pay you well, you can't do business, very simple.
  • In this module, you learn how to find the right clients for your business. They teach you some techniques and some general methods such as cold calling, cold emailing, and networking to get the clients. Nothing special; you may already know all these client-acquisition methods.
  • Also, you learn some info about closing the deals and signing the contracts.

Module 3: Generating Traffic For Your Clients

  • In this module, you find most of the content, and it's also the most important one because the information provided in the above modules is available on the internet for free.
  • You learn how to set up Google ad campaigns, manage them, and use Google ads to generate traffic. You will also learn about scaling.
  • The surprising thing is that they have also covered stuff on creating Facebook ads and running and managing ad campaigns.
  • They also cover how to convert leads and generating sales.

Module 4: Scaling Your Business

  • Now that you have a flourishing business, you’re making millions for your clients, and clients are happy, you need to scale your business.
  • In this last module, they teach you how to hire freelancers from Upwork and Fiver and build a team and roll in millions and become a Modern Millionaire.

Abdul and Chance are not famous; people don't know much about them. Other than some YouTube videos and this course, you won't find any significant contribution from them.

The content seems valuable at the outset, but it's when you go deep you find that it lacks substance. It's anything but easy to make good money by providing services of Google ads.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Modern Millionaires?

Things become tricky here. I have seen many reviews of angry course-takers complaining that they charge more than the stipulated price.

  • On YouTube, they were selling the course at $9.95, but that's not the actual price. The actual price is way more, and you will find it when you buy the course.
  • But it’s anywhere in-between $5000 to $7000.
  • It’s one thing to sell a course at an exorbitant price, but it's another to hide the actual cost.
  • The price of the course is not the same for everyone. For buying this course, you have to register your account and book a call. On the call, they will tell you the actual price of the course.

That's not a fair way to do business, and that's one of the reasons why their former course got a bad name.

In addition to the money, you have to spend time watching the videos and implementing the teachings. During implementation, you will find whether you have got any value out of this course.

I don't like that they are not upfront and fair about the course's cost, and their spammy ways of marketing create doubt.

Modern Millionaires Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

I wouldn’t say that this course is a scam; however, I’m not comfortable with spending any money on this course because of these reasons:

  • The creators of this course are not honest about the cost of the course. There is a well-founded suspicion that they are charging more than the advertised price.
  • They got a bad name with their former course and repackaged the same course with a new name.
  • Social proof is important to all the buyers, so to me, they have gotten quite a number of bad reviews on multiple platforms. So, I can't trust them.
  • They provide no Facebook community to discuss things with other course-takers.
  • I’m also not sure about the method of making money through Google ads. I don’t think it’s an easy way to make money.

To be honest, I'm very skeptical about the genuineness of this course and the course's creators. They have applied quite a few shady tactics to market their course and earn money. It looks like they are just after making money and not providing value in return.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

How Easy Is It To Make Money With Modern Millionaires?

  • Honestly, I doubt that you can learn a good skill in creating profitable Google ads after taking this course.
  • So, I don’t think that you will make easy money after joining Modern Millionaires.
  • Becoming a millionaire with Google ad service is not possible in the short-term, as they are just advertisements that depend on client budgets.

So if you're after a program that can equip you with the skills to make money quickly and easily, this course is not your thing.

Do I Recommend It?

  • A BIG no! I don’t recommend you to go for this course. It’s a complete waste of money, time, and effort.
  • I have no hate either for its creators or for learning the skill of creating Google ads. But the thing is that it doesn't provide good value for your money.
  • They don't reveal the actual cost of this course, and then the content of this course is not of good quality.

I'm doubtful about the usefulness and value of the Modern Millionaires course. If you want to learn Google ads, I would recommend you to learn from a trusted and credible source.

For building and successfully running an advertising agency, you have to invest a lot of money. Without a substantial amount of money, you can't run and manage this business. It's not an easy way to make good money.

Is There An Easier Way To Make Money?

Enough doom and gloom. Yes! There is a way of making good, consistent money easily and quickly.

  • I'm making 4-5 figure monthly income, and I'm using the method of lead generation.
  • Lead generation is the practice of acquiring qualified leads for local businesses. And believe me, it's the easiest and the best way to make good money.
  • I’m using Facebook ads to generate leads for my clients. They pay me a good commission for that. They are happy and wealthy, and I'm happy and rolling in dollars.

You would say, but Chris, how can I learn to create and run profitable Facebook ads because it's no child play. You see, I also didn't know a damn thing about Facebook ads and lead generation, but then, luckily, I came across this course called Local Marketing Vault, and it has changed my life.

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

What Is Local Marketing Vault? And Why it’s The Best Course For Lead Generation?

Local Marketing Vault is the Facebook ads, and Sales funnel training program. It's a complete lead generation course.

What it can do for you…

  • Even beginners are earning 4-5 figure monthly income. You don’t need to be a pro marketer or tech specialist to get the most out of this program.
  • Pre-built sales funnels. Take these funnels and implement them in your client's business without any hassle. But if you want to modify them, you can.
  • Vibrant Facebook community of over 5000 marketers. Where you can discuss any and every issue of yours, all the members are marketers and super-helpful.
  • Ultimate lead generation. You learn A-Z about local lead generation. After taking this course, you don't need another lead generation course.

After this Modern Millionaires review, all I want to say is why waste your hard-earned money and precious time on useless courses like this?

If you’re truly serious about having a lucrative and growing career, join Local Marketing Vault right now.

1 thought on “Modern Millionaires Review: Don’t Buy It!”

  1. if you took the bait, how do you get out? I do understand this is a business that requires work, however, I don’t think it is for me. I am pursuing other opportunities. I would say the price did come out of no where. Like jesus, 6000? but I went for it, thinking I would start landing clients but three months in and sending out over 100 messages every day and still nothing? Im kind of over it. I’m not so concerned with getting back what I’ve already spent. I spent the money, I tried the method, Its not for me. I’m more concerned with not paying 400 every month for the next year. no thank you.


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