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Make Extra Money While Driving for Uber

Driving for Uber – Easiest Way To Make Extra Cash

make extra money while driving for uberUber is one of the most popular ride-sharing platforms in the world, serviced by more than 3 million drivers and used by more than 90 million ride sharers. When you are accepted as an Uber driver, you are not considered an employee but as an independent contractor. As such, you are somewhat your own boss, since you can choose your work hours and can even work with other platforms if you prefer. Uber offers a good opportunity to earn some cash on the side but while you're at it, why not make extra money while driving for Uber? Here's how.

Location Matters

Identify areas with the highest foot traffic, such as malls, bars, clubs, airports, hotels, restaurants, convention centers, concert venues, and train stations. The right location will give you more opportunities to pick up passengers. However, the time of day also matters. In most cases, you get more passengers during early mornings, evenings, rush hour, and weekends. Periodically refer to the Hourly Trends feature in your Uber app to determine if you are near a busy area so you can take advantage of the opportunity.

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Two Words: Surge Pricing

A surge happens when there is a significant increase in the number of ride requests within a certain spot or area but there is a limited number of drivers available to take them. When this happens, Surge pricing is applied. With Surge rides, drivers earn more, depending on the multiplier that comes attached to a specific ride. The multiplier can be at least twice the price or even higher. During high-demand days such as holidays, it is not uncommon to find ride requests priced at two-digit surges.

Be on the lookout for surges, which can occur at any time. They are difficult to predict but they usually happen on weekends, usually during the night on weekends. This often occurs in areas where there are clubs or bars from which patrons who have had a bit too much to drink would emerge, looking for someone to drive them home. Surges can also occur during rush hours in the morning and in the evening.

Certain events and holidays can also increase the likelihood of Surge pricing. These include concerts, sports events, major conferences, and festivals. If you get into the Surge window early, you could make more by servicing more than one passenger.

Sign Up for Promotions

Uber offers weekly promotions in the form of Boosts and Quests. You can qualify if you complete a specific number of rides within a specified time frame for Quests. For Boosts, you earn more (usually a minimum of twice the base fare) if you work featured areas during busy hours. Furthermore, if the Boost price is lower than the Surge price, you will be paid the Surge pricing.

Refer a Friend (or Two)

When you sign up for Uber as a driver, you will receive a referral code. If you know a few friends who would like to drive for Uber, you can refer them to the platform by giving them your unique code. When they sign up, they can use your referral code so that Uber can trace them to you. Once your friend qualifies for a bonus, such as completing a specified number of rides within a specific time frame, you earn a bonus as well.

Earn More Tips While Driving For Uber

Tips put more cash into your pocket. As an Uber driver, you can earn more in tips if passengers enjoy their ride. Offer the best service you can – be polite and considerate, making sure that your passenger is comfortable and safe. Low-cost extras such as providing access to phone/laptop chargers, water, and small snacks can make your passenger feel appreciated and encourage them to give you a better tip.

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