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Kevin David’s Shopify Ninja Masterclass: The Complete Review

Want to kill at dropshipping? Want to quit your day job and start working from home for insanely high revenues? Curious about whether you can accomplish this with Kevin David’s Shopify Ninja Masterclass? I’m here to answer your questions and help you figure out whether this course is a worthwhile investment for you.

Who is Kevin David?

  • kevin-david-networthBefore we dive into what Kevin offers, let’s talk a little bit about who he is and whether you should learn from him. Kevin is a seasoned entrepreneur who’s made his millions online. He has 6-7 e-commerce stores, but his real revenue lies in the digital courses he sells (like this one!). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for selling useful information.

After all, it’s what got Kevin his $5million net worth. He’s experienced with dropshipping. In one of his videos, he claims to have raised the revenue of a Shopify store from zero to over $1million in a little more than 80 days. Those numbers are astounding!

What is the Course About?

Before we talk about the course in greater detail, you should know what you’re getting. The Shopify Ninja Masterclass is broken down into 5 deeper modules and extra content in the form of supporting documents. You should expect to learn:

  • The difference between success and failure, as well as the 97% rule
  • Detailed walk-throughs about setting up your store correctly, including technical details about apps and software tools
  • How to identify profitable niches and current opportunities
  • How to attract buyer-ready customers to your store
  • About already profitable niches that you can explore for your brand

As you can see, there are several strong selling points. This course seems to be the veritable bible for anyone who wants to learn dropshipping and a good refresher course for a more experienced entrepreneur. I will take you through the modules that the course offers and give you my opinion at the end, so you can decide whether you want to go ahead with it.

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The Course Breakdown

  • The course contains five main modules, each with its own resources, both in the form of videos and booklets. I will take you through the modules one by one.

Module 1: Identifying Hugely Profitable Products

  • In this module, Kevin teaches you several ways to identify trending products. It’s the longest module in the course and is also incredibly thorough. You will learn how to find winning/trending products that you can bank on.

Module 2: Locating Top Notch Dropshipping Suppliers

  • This is a shorter module as compared to the previous one, but it does teach you some very useful information. You will learn how to locate and source the best dropshipping suppliers. Just follow Kevin’s suggestions and you will learn this in no time.

Module 3: How To Optimize Your Shopify Store

  • Here’s where Kevin teaches you how to set up and optimize your Shopify store. There are 15 videos and a pdf. Document that will take you through the setup process. Kevin makes this bit easy to follow and learn.

Module 4: Clever Marketing Techniques

  • In this module, you will find a plethora of information about marketing, especially on Facebook. All the basics are covered. You will learn how to set up a Facebook Ad Account, interpret Pixel data and learn to set KPIs, targeting and audience identification, create custom audiences, scale and pause campaigns, use aesthetic typography and ad layouts, benefit from cross-platform targeting, and incorporate influencer marketing for your brand.

Kevin does not go into Facebook bidding, which is a bit of a let down, but overall the information offered is complete and relevant.

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Module 5: How To Scale and Expand Your Store

  • Kevin suggests going through this module once you’re cashing in at least $100 per day through your store. You will learn how to use Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager, including key insight tools to show you how your brand is performing. You will also get useful information about FB Pixel, where you will learn to do Conversion Campaigns.

The Bonus Section

This is where Kevin dives into more practical aspects. You will find a comprehensive list of potential niches that you can explore. However, you should supplement this with your own research to ensure you’re not making the wrong choice.

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Is the Shopify Ninja Masterclass Worth it?

  • Here’s where I take you through the good, the bad and the ugly. Let me start off by saying that Kevin is an absolute genius in his field and the knowledge he has shared has certainly worked for him. He’s been able to generate topline revenue in a short amount of time, hence his incredible net worth.
  • In terms of drop-shipping, the course is certainly a comprehensive one and doesn’t leave much info out. You learn about the 97% rule, find out which niches you can target and learn to target custom audiences. This is all super useful stuff right here.
  • The course is especially helpful if you’re someone who is just starting out with drop shipping and you need the building blocks. Keep in mind that you might have to go back and forth through the material provided because some parts of the course assume you have basic knowledge of the topics. However, this is compensated for by the fact that you get additional resources to guide you through.

You will find unique tips as well as personal anecdotes which are certainly inspiring. If you need to get your foot in the door, this is the course for you. Do I wish that Kevin explored some more technical details/tools more? Yes. However, those are also supplementary and advanced and can be found elsewhere.

Overall, this is a reliable and complete course for dropshipping beginners and provides enough useful and relevant information to make it worth the hefty price tag.

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