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Josh Bezoni


Nutritionist, author, fitness entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist Josh Bezoni has an approximate net worth of $500 million.

You know him from BioTrust because he founded the all-natural supplement company with his best friend, Joel Marion.

Before that Bezoni went to Iowa's Central College where he studied medicine. But after graduating with a Biology degree in top of the class, he decided to skip medical school and instead went and trained under Bill Phillips of EAS. There, Bezoni created nutritional plans and supplements for high-end stars and athletes.

Next he wrote a few best selling diet and weight loss books. Then, online, bumped into Mr. Joel Marion. The two teamed up and used world-class copywriting to launch and scale BioTrust, a company that now has reached almost one billion in sales!

Lastly, his game of charity is, um, not a game. Josh Bezoni is contributing millions to different organizations to help provide clean water, nutritious food and quality medical services to vulnerable families, both at home and abroad.

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