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Income School Project 24 Reviews – Legit Source of Online Income or A Fraud?

income school project 24 review

Is it worth spending money on Income School Project 24? Find out in this review

Income School Project 24 is an online training program that teaches you to create niche sites. The program claims that these niche sites can generate a steady and regular income within two years of founding them. In this review, we will evaluate the credibility of Income School Project 24 and whether or not it delivers what it promises. 


  • This review is my professional and unbiased opinion about Income School Project 24. I am not affiliated with the founders Jim and Ricky, this program, or any of their other ventures. I am writing this review with the sole purpose of helping my readers stay away from fraudulent programs. I will not receive any profit if you decide to invest in this program. 

What is Income School By Jim and Ricky?

  • Income School is a company that offers multiple extensive training programs on different techniques that teach you how to earn cash online. These include email advertising, content marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, advertising, blogging, and other similar techniques. The purpose of this program is to make people financially independent by enabling them to generate income online. 

What is Project 24?

  • Project 24 is one of the training courses developed by Jim and Ricky. This course focuses on generating income through affiliate marketing and developing niche/authority websites. It is an extensive course that elaborates all steps involved in making niche and authority websites. By following the steps, you will have a full-time online company that generates revenue using the techniques of affiliate marketing.  

How Does Income School’s Project 24 Work?

This program comprises 60 steps which are covered in detail in 123 lessons. The program lays emphasis on the following:

  • How to become an online entrepreneur?
  • Picking a suitable niche for your website
  • Steps involved in creating a WordPress site
  • Search engine optimization
  • How to generate traffic for your website and earn money from it?
  • How to choose the most suitable affiliate programs for your website?

The good thing about the program is that it is simple, straightforward, and very easy to follow. If you work diligently, this program will help you become a capable online entrepreneur and you can earn a decent amount of money through blogging and affiliate marketing. 

Who Are Jim and Ricky?

Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler are the founders of this Income School. They both belong to Idaho, United States. They started making niche websites in 2010 and launched Income School in 2015. A brief glimpse of their profiles is as follows:

  • In 2010, Jim joined the law school in Florida. At that time, he was broke. Shortly afterward, he started a niche website with the name ImprovePhotography.com. This brought lots of fortune to him. 
  • Ricky worked as a project and category manager at Hewlett Packard for a few years. Afterward, he quit his job and dedicated all his time to Income School. He has both an MBA and an engineering degree. 

How Much Does The Program Cost?

  • Income School’s Project 24 comes with a hefty initial fee of $449 for the first year. After that, an annual fee of $199 will be charged for all the subsequent years. By paying this membership fee, you will remain a member of the Facebook group and will be authorized to participate in all the new classes without any additional charges. 

Is Income School A Reliable Source of Earning Income Online?

  • There is no denial about the fact that Income School’s Project 24 has a lot of good, easy-to-understand, valuable content that delivers. If you follow the 24 steps, you can have a passive source of good income in 24 hours. However, there are many other easier and more successful ways to generate income online. 

My Recommendation?

  • With all its pros, one cannot ignore the fact that Project 24 demands extensive training and you don’t get to see any tangible results for two years at the least. It costs you quite a bit as well. Surely there are easier and cheaper ways to earn money online. 

Local Lead Generation and PPC are two of the most sought-after ways of making a handsome monthly income online. To learn more about these techniques, read my experience below. 

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

My Experience

Before becoming an online entrepreneur, I too worked at a regular 9-5 hour job. I was fed up with the humdrum of my regular job and used to browse the internet extensively for exciting online job opportunities. To upgrade my skill, I joined several online courses that promised me a steady monthly income. However, none of these programs clicked till I came across a legit Local Lead Generation program. 

  • Local Lead Generation is the practice of directing traffic to the websites of local businesses. We classify them as local businesses because they lie in your geographical vicinity. 
  • I used PPC, Facebook Ads, and affiliate marketing to direct traffic to local businesses. This helped me earn a decent commission for my work. 
  • Now I make 4-5 figure income every month. Unlike other programs, Lead Generation does not require grueling work and you need to spare a few hours of dedicated hard work every day.  
  • My work is simple; I design a good campaign, do my research and let the internet do the rest of the work. 
  • If this interests you, then I would recommend you to enroll in Local Marketing Vault which is a very helpful online PPC learning course. 

Local Marketing Vault

This is an online PPC, affiliate marketing, and lead generation course. It offers value-based content and is worth a try because of the following reasons:

  • Local Marketing Vault regularly updates its course, so that it stays relevant with all the search engines, and social media platform’s algorithm changes.
  • They utilize a hands-on approach so that you learn by actually working on your campaign.
  • They have a 5500+ members community on Facebook. You can get support and guidance from there. 
  • Even after you’ve completed your training, you will always be an important part of Local Marketing Vault. You won’t ever feel left out. You’ll get tips, tricks, critique, and even read about other user’s past experiences
  • Local Marketing Vault doesn’t make exaggerated claims and does not ask for an unrealistic upfront fee. 

I am not going to lie to you about making a huge income without any effort. You need to put in hours of hard work, effort, patience, and training to be able to make money. As soon as you get a hang of it all, it will be a piece of cake for you. If you feel that it will be an interesting experience for you to try out a legit way of making money that actually works, then do check out Local Marketing Vault.

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