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PPC vs Affiliate Marketing – Which Earns You More In 2021?

ppc vs affiliate marketing which earns you more

PPC vs Affiliate Marketing – This comparison will give you an excellent idea about which can earn you more money online

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is a marketing model in which advertisers pay a fee every time their ad is clicked; this allows the advertisers to buy visits rather than receiving them organically. This type of advertising allows advertisers to pay for ad placements, and when any individual searches a keyword related to the business, the ad shows up.

Anytime an ad is clicked, a small fee is sent to the search engine; however, when PPC is functioning properly, the visit is worth more than the fee. PPC is perfect for new businesses or startups, as it is a considerably quick source of paid traffic. Any company with a large amount of traffic also greatly benefits from PPC as it consistently shows ads.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

  • Affiliate Marketing is another marketing technique used to earn passive income mainly. It is the advertising of other's products and earning a commission each time a buyer buys their product. If you have used a product, you can promote it to other individuals and earn a commission for each sale.

From the company's point of view, you can offer others a financial incentive to promote your product. From a promoter's point of view, if you wish to earn money, then you can promote other products.

  • A blogger or YouTuber can easily become an affiliate marketer and make a good earning by helping the website sell more products. Affiliate Marketing can be seen as more of a long-term delivering campaign. The more affiliates a certain business has, the wider its audience becomes.

PPC and Affiliate Marketing, A Comparison

  • PPC relies heavily on ads being seen and clicked on and as almost everyone browses the web they are likely to see these ads and thus click on them. Affiliate Marketing meanwhile takes a longer time to get established and you have no control over your pricing.

It solely depends on your influencers and if you are unlucky you may not see much return to your investment. PPC allows for more freedom whereas Affiliate Marketing reduces some freedom. PPC is also considerably safer and most businesses will almost certainly benefit from some form of PPC.

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Advantages of PPC over Affiliate Marketing

There are drawbacks to using PPC; however, there are also many benefits.

  • PPC can be considered more cost-effective as you only pay when a user reaches your website, i.e lead generation.
  • It can be highly targeted, thus allows you to choose your audience with many different factors.
  •  You can also decide how much exactly you wish to spend on your ads. You have full control of your budget.
  • The advertising is not site-specific and is generally cheaper.

Can we combine the two?

  • A company should be flexible, not rigid in regards to marketing. A mixture of both PPC and affiliate Marketing can reach the maximum number of potential customers. Seeing which style of marketing brings in more profit, that particular style can then be prioritized. If PPC is better, there are PPC marketing agencies for hire and also courses like local marketing vault that teach you how to gain more leads through PPC.

Suppose your company already has extremely high traffic on your website. Then there is less need for Affiliate Marketing and PPC is certainly more effective. It provides more returns on your investment as compared to Affiliate Marketing.


As with most elements in life, balance is critical. Both PPC and affiliate Marketing have their respective advantages and disadvantages. The solution is using a mixture of both to maximize the number of potential buyers.

With any mixture, PPC should be prioritized as it is better for both new businesses and those with considerable traffic. No matter what position your company is in it can greatly improve your revenue. Join the Local Marketing Vault Program to learn how you can make your business more successful. 

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