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Iann Dior Net Worth

iann dior net worth micheal ian olmo
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Everything you need to know about Iann Dior Net Worth

Micheal Ian Olmo who is professionally known as Iann Dior is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was born in Puerto Rico and raised in America. His first and highest-charting song came out in 2020 when he was featured in 24kGolden’s single Mood. Iann has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2021. Here are some interesting facts about Ian and his life. 

Early Life and Career

  • Iann Dior was born on March 25th, 1999 in Puerto Rico but moved to Corpus Christi, Texas as a child. He spent most of his childhood over there in Texas. The first language that he learned was Spanish and after that English. 
  • His Dad was in the Navy. 
  • He was just 17 years old when he was writing music. He went through a really hard breakup which inspired him to write about his feelings and emotional pain. He got a very positive response from people on his songwriting after he posted them online. 
  • He was quick with making connections and soon he was making Emo rap songs. 
  • He started emerging in 2019 after he started writing songs on heartbreak and self-medication. 
  • As compared to other rappers having to work their way to the top things were very fast-paced for Iann, he signed a deal with TenThousand Projects, which is home to many other famous rappers. 

Rapping Career  

After signing record deals he moved to Los Angeles which was quite the change for him. He moved from Texas to Los Angeles which was like moving from a small town to a very big city. While interviewing for a magazine he told them that it felt like a very big change, it felt like he had suddenly grown up. He also said that he appreciated small towns more than he appreciated big cities as the traffic was easier and less was going on there. 

  • Iann got fame out of nowhere he started his career in 2019 and it blew up in 2020. Skeptics claimed that he was a corporate plant as opposed to those stars who worked their way up to the top. But he didn't let this affect him and rather named a whole album after it called Industry plant. 
  • Even though skeptics say he is an industry plant there is no doubt that he is a very talented kid. He has the ability to weave in and out of different genres, he is like young Post Malone. 
  • His specialty is that he makes the music to the beat, he loves grooving to the guitar melodies. 
  • Some of his inspirations to make music are J Cole, Drake, Machine Gun Kelly, Panic at the Disco, and Frank Ocean. He doesn’t use curse words in his music videos as said in an interview that his parents are very strict about it. 
  • He has wisdom even though he is just a young kid right now. He’s concerned about the drug culture that is getting worse day by day in society. He doesn’t take his talent for granted, he feels like he is very lucky to be able to make music, it feels like a superpower. He also says that one should always be grateful for whatever superpower that one has. 
  • He hopes that his music empowers people to do better and to just be themselves and not fit into the shell society has built for them. Iann thinks it is important to love yourself first if you want to love someone else. 
  • He is taking it one step and one day at a time, Iann is inclined towards making Latin Music at one point. 

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