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PPC vs SEO – A Comparison

ppc vs seo which is better

PPC vs SEO, still struggling to find out which is better?

Whether it is PPC or SEO, attracting traffic, lead generation and conversion are the ultimate goals for any business. While both tools of digital marketing lead to the same result, their use case differs.

To make the most out of both, you as a marketer or a businessman need to know where the said approaches would work the best.

Let us lay down some facts about PPC and SEO and compare them side by side in order to determine which is a better approach.

PPC vs SEO – Who is using what?

  • The most popular pay-per-click advertising platform is Google Ads, along with popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Businesses pay a high bid to get priority placement on these platforms to get the most views and clicks. Real-time data and analytics are provided by these platforms.

SEO uses the platform of Google. Google alone caters to over 3.5 billion searches every day. This makes it a popular choice for almost all businesses to create SEO campaigns. However, the campaign has to be well put together for a web page to be positioned among the top few search results.

PPC vs SEO – When do I see the results?

  • SEO is one tough cookie; you are up against search engine algorithms that calculate the relevance and quality of a webpage and you get ranks based on them. A huge part of SEO is understanding what Google (or any other search engine) deems important.

Compared to SEO, PPC is really fast. The moment your campaign is approved, your ad is displayed to millions immediately. You can expect visitors to cascade right into your webpage within a few minutes.

  • PPC is ideal for many different causes such as launching a product, affiliate marketing with high-converting deals, event-focused marketing, and similar business campaigns.

PPC vs SEO – How sorted is the traffic?

  • You can narrow down prospects with your PPC campaigns through demographic data. For example, Facebook allows you to run highly customizable ad campaigns. You can choose your audience based on gender, age, location, income bracket, and by their marital status too.

Similarly, google ads also work on demographic data and display the most relevant results in the form of ads. PPC is the clear winner for this criterion and SEO takes a back seat. With SEO, you have fewer chances of getting filtered audiences.

PPC vs SEO – Which dominates search results?

  • PPC has an edge over SEO because the results are always displayed on top. Even if your organic SEO searches get to be on the first page, PPC ads are always above them. Usually, the top 3 positions go to sponsored ads.

With just SEO you’re missing out on all those clicks your competitor is getting on their ads.

PPC results are displayed above the organic search results. It is recommended to have a solid PPC campaign if you strive to maximize your webpage’s click-through rate.

Final Verdict – PPC takes the cake

  • SEO requires a tremendous amount of work. It ensures your website grows in terms of value. But it requires a lot of time, money, and patience to give you your desired results in the form of traffic.

While on the other hand, PPC delivers results faster, cheaper, and easier. In terms of the time and hassle, you would go through, PPC marketing is a quicker solution for short and long-term results.

Before you choose to go all-in on PPC, consider your advertising budget and then plan ahead. PPC works well for most businesses if done correctly.

Remember, you are paying for every click.

So if you want to reap maximum benefits it is essential to learn more about PPC. Local Marketing Vault is an educational program that helps businesses and individuals master the art of PPC.

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