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G Herbo Net Worth

g herbo net worth
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Everything you need to know about G Herbo net worth

Herbert Randall Wright III, also known as G Herbo, is a rapper and has a net worth of 2.7 million dollars. Keep on reading to find out about G Herbo’s life, his childhood, his musical career, and how he managed to make so much money at such a young age

  • G Herbo was born in Chicago on October 8, 1995. When he was sixteen years old, he dropped out of high school and got linked with N.L.M.B, which meant as a brotherhood to G Herbo.

As a child, he always looked up to Meek Mill, Jeezy, and Gucci Mane for rapping. He is friends with another rapper Lil Bibby who he loves to collaborate with occasionally. 

  • Unlike most people, G Herbo has never had a real job before he got into the music industry. He would get 100 dollars from his mother on Christmas, which he would use to purchase Gigglesmoke and sell it at a higher rate.

He had some similar tricks up in his sleeve, which ensured that his pocket remained full without having to get a real job. 

  • Like most small-town young rappers, G Herbo got famous when he got a shoutout from Drank and Kevin Durant on their social media accounts. After that, the rest is history. G Herbo started to get music deals after his song got viral on social media. 

So, how did he get his stage name ‘G Herbo’? Both he and his dad’s first name is Herbert. His father was known as Big Herb, therefore naturally he was referred to as Lil Herb as a youngster.

This name stuck till he turned into a man when he decided to add the alphabet G for General, and in this way, his name turned into G Herbo.

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