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frvrfriday net worth
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Everything you need to know about FRVRFRIDAY net worth

Tommy Ruhingubugi is an R&B singer with a net value of $250,000. He goes by the name of Frvrfriday. He gained significant success from his songs ‘100 rounds’ and ‘Nana.' He is making his place in the industry with his catchy yet pleasant music. Scroll through our article to find more about Frvrfriday.

  • The new Canadian R&B artist Frvrfriday is a new sensation in the industry, quickly rising to fame. At just 21, the R&B phenomenon establishes a position between the new superstars of Canada, including Drake and The Weeknd. He has been producing music since he was 14 years old.

Frvrfriday has recently released his newest track, ‘Nana,' based on trap and hip-hop alternatives. His first EP, ‘WHOISFRIDAY,' successfully kicked off his career in 2018, with more than 10 million views, and accumulating Spotify's own impassioned 400k monthly crowd. It is fair to say now that Frvrfriday is certainly a watch with a catalog of new launches and key comments from the tastemakers like MTV and Hot97.

  • Frvrfriday has produced a satisfactory fusion between wavey parties and sultry R&B tracks that have made him one of the leading low-key performers. This is evident from the fact that several playlists feature his tracks. These playlists include This Is How We Do, Hip Hop and Alternative Hip Hop, and Apple's Rap Life and R&B Now.



Frvrfriday has a net worth of about $250,000 earned from various musical productions. His top songs, 100 rounds, and Nana helped develop his massive following, building his fortune.

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