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Craig Clemens Net Worth

craig clemens net worth
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Everything you need to know about Craig Clemens Net Worth

Craig Clemens is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and author. He has built a fortune from his empire and is the co-founder of Golden Hippo Media. All those products that are health-related and beauty-related are provided by the company. All these products are physician endorsed. Clemens is not the sole owner of the business, his two other brothers founded the business and they are now running it successfully. Craig has an estimated net worth of tens of millions of dollars as of 2021. Here are some interesting facts about him. 

 Early Life and Career

  • Craig grew up in Thousand Oaks, California. It was a middle-class neighborhood. His dad was an engineer by profession and his mother was a teacher in a school over there. Craig never really liked going to school and skipped many classes. He hardly ever paid attention to his studies and was considered bashful by his fellow classmates. 
  • He knew that he had an awkward part in him and that he lived in a bubble so he took karate classes for more self-control and read books on how to talk to people which helped him a lot and with the passage of time he got over his awkward phase. 
  • He barely graduated from high school with a 1.7 GPA and then failed junior college. In his heart, he always knew that he was going to be a rich person.
  • His parents played a big role in his belief. They never gave up on him due to which he achieved all that he has. 
  • They taught him the value of hard work by paying him 5cents for every chore that he did. In that way, he knew that he would be rewarded for the work that he was going to do. His friends used to get a $20 allowance but he wouldn't. That is what created the sense of hard work in his life. 
  • From the age of 18-20, he waited tables at several restaurants and got fired too. He lost multiple jobs. The next job that he worked was at an industrial supply company. He worked as a telemarketer there. 
  • After another telemarketing job at the age of 21, he decided that he wanted to leave his father's basement and move to San Diego to start his own life. 
  • He bounced from one dead-end job to another for the next three years and was almost broke by the age of 24. He owed $30k to taxes. He started selling weed so that he could afford to buy fast food to fill his stomach. Soon after that, he met an internet marketer named Eben Pagan who told him that he was earning $70k a month by selling his ebook. 

Ebooks and success 

Craig offered to work for Eben who declined the offer but after writing a few samples he sent them off to Eben who was quick to reply to the offer and offered Craig a job for $3k a month. More than that he started to become a mentor to Craig. He learned multiple things from Eben. For the next three years, Craig read everything that he could to master his skills. 

  • After a few months of hard work, he showed what he had written to Eben who was blown away by that and gave him a raise of $150k a year. 
  • Craig had not seen that much money in his life so he polished his skills further and eventually Eben made Craig teach copy to his mastermind members. Which eventually made Craig even better. He was so good at what he did that to date Craig’s copy has made more than a billion dollars on sale. 
  • According to Craig, you have to give value to your work. Back in the day people sold and sold their work but it is the opposite now. 

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