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Anik Singal Net Worth

anik singal net worth
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Everything you need to know about Anik Singal Net Worth

Anik Singal is an entrepreneur, speaker, best-selling author, and philanthropist. He has built multiple companies throughout his career and has been successful in selling products worth more than $300 million. He is a very influential entrepreneur and has helped shape the future of more than 500,000 entrepreneurs.

One of the companies he is the Founder and CEO of is Lurn Inc.The Lurn Foundation that he runs with his wife that aids and helps to build schools in the slums of India where people don't have the access to the basic necessities of life. Anik has an estimated net worth of $23 million as of 2021.  

Early Life and Career

  • While his life seems all perfect now there were times when dark clouds hovered over him, It hasn't been all sunshine for him. 
  • Ever since he was a little boy he thought that his career path was already chosen for him as everyone in his family was a doctor, engineer, or lawyer. He thought that he had to fill in the footsteps of his forefathers and at one point he was excited to make them proud and achieve greatness. 
  • He worked day and night to achieve a full scholarship and get into an Ivy League school. If he achieved all of that life would be easy and he would have a one-way ticket to success and fortune but little did he know that there were many more struggles that were waiting for him. 
  • He was working tirelessly and day and night to achieve the wrong dream, to achieve something that he didn't even want for himself. 
  • When he was in college he used to work hard and in that working hard he ignored his friends and sacrificed his physical and mental health. 
  • He wanted to start his own business and become an entrepreneur. The idea of working for someone was not right for him, he wanted to be in complete control of what he was doing rather than being controlled by someone else. 

Digital marketing and success

The more he forced himself to work hard the more he lost interest and finally, he realized that he was better off without a medical degree. He decided to become an entrepreneur and knocked on the door of digital marketing. In the start, he had no money to himself, for 18 months maximum. After that, he started to gain something. He had friends who had college degrees now and were earning money. That is when he decided to doubt himself whether he was doing the right thing or not.  

  • After facing backlash from many friends and being made fun of he decided that he would say goodbye to his entrepreneur life if he wasn't able to make money in 24 hours. That day he worked tirelessly from dawn till dusk when he woke up at work his account showed that he had earned $330. That is when he started devising the formula of earning money online. From that day he has not looked back and has transformed his and a thousand more lives. 
  • After his small victory thing started working out for him and he started minting money. It was just that one simple formula that he followed and that is what led him to become a millionaire. 
  • After having so much success he lost touch with his formula and ended up with a $1.7 million debt that he had to pay off so he borrowed from credit cards, family, and friends. 
  • His health deteriorated and he almost died on a flight, that was the biggest wakeup call for him. That was not an excuse to give up, he started working again and after working tirelessly he built an empire again. He encourages people to not give up.

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