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Cody Sperber Net Worth

cody sperber net worth
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Everything you need to know about Cody Sperber Net Worth

Cody Sperber, commonly known as “The Clever Investor” is a real estate entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, real estate mentor, and author. He began his career in real estate after being discharged from the Navy. Cody has an estimated net worth of $18 million as of 2021. He is a self-made multimillionaire and here are some facts about how he achieved all that he has now. 

Early Life and Career

  • Cody Sperber was born in the USA in 1978. He joined the Navy in 1988. While he was in the US Army he was awarded the Certificate of Achievement and was discharged respectfully from the Navy later on. 
  • After being discharged from the US Navy, Cody went on and joined the Arizona State University from where he got a degree in finance. While he was in college he saw a friend sell a home for $80,000 and from there the seed was planted in his mind. 
  • Despite all of his efforts one year into real estate investing he was still struggling, he had no option but to take a day job bookkeeping for a local developer. Not long after he found himself a job he went to another real estate seminar where he met his first mentor, Lyle. 
  • After that seminar approximately 90 days later he had made rough money from real estate to quit his job and opt for real estate full time. 

Real Estate Career 

  • During the next 12 months, he sold more than 50 houses and built passive income streams from rental properties. Alongside he made smart use of the internet by designing a website and for both buyer and seller terms so that all the deals come to him. 
  • Over the years he invested in different types of real estate flips, rentals, notes, and everything in between. In spite of the economic activities his real estate business thrived. 
  • To date, Cody has been involved in more than 1000 real estate transactions, totaling over $200 million in volume. He is an active investor and still is able to score 11 deals per month. 
  • In recent years he has launched and scaled education software for the business along with his team under the Clever Investor brand. Spenser and his team sell information products, coaching, mentoring, and conducting seminars. Helping people get an idea of how they can strive in their real estate business. 

What's the right way to pursue Real estate? 

  • After Cody saw his college roommate make money out of real estate he started reading books and attended seminars to get a hang of what he wanted to pursue and how he would get successful in his business. 
  • Like Sperber, get yourself a real estate mentor, someone who has excelled in this field. Cody to date thanks his mentor Lyle, for teaching him what he did not know. Things that helped him become a multimillionaire.  
  • There are going to be plenty of “coaches” who will be ready to take your money but won't give you the advice you need so don't dive deep into it first, do your research.  

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