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Automated Daily Income Review – Legit Moneymaking Program or A Fraud?

automated daily income review

Automated Daily Income Review – Is it worth investing in the course?

Automated Daily Income is an online program that claims to provide an easy work-from-home opportunity to earn money. The program claims that you can earn $300-$500 per week just by promoting their automated system. Whether these claims have any merits or not? Let us find out in this review.  


  • This review is my unbiased and professional opinion about the Automated Daily Income program. I am in no way associated with the program and I won’t make any profit if you choose to invest your time and money in this program.

What is Automated Daily Income and How Does It Work?

  • This online program claims to ‘automate’ your daily income. The website says that you don’t need any prior relevant experience to generate money through the Automated Daily Income program. All of this sounds fascinating but does this program actually hold merit or not? Let’s find out. 

After logging onto the website, you will be asked to fill in your name and email. You will then be directed to a sales page that features multiple testimonials that make claims of earning fast and easy income. At this point, you will be asked to submit a membership fee of $47 for getting entry to MOBE’s first level

What is MOBE?

MOBE is the much-touted affiliate marketing program of Automated Daily Income. It is the money-making machine that enables users to make money online from their homes. MOBE is advertised under the following names as well:

  • Automated Daily Income
  • Freedom Cash System
  • Extreme Home Paycheck
  • My Online Business Empire

Interestingly, MOBE has 21 levels and the price of each level increases subsequently. The first level alone costs $49.95. To avail the Automated Daily Income program, you are asked to purchase the first level. 

How Does MOBE Work?

  • To make money through MOBE, you have to first become its member and then introduce this program to other people. You will have to recruit people by introducing them to the coaches and telemarketers who are affiliated with MOBE. The telemarketers then convince the people that you have brought in to join MOBE. Your earning potential through the Automated Daily Income system is dependant on how many people you recruit for joining MOBE

How Much Does MOBE Cost?

The high cost of MOBE is the most off-putting thing about Automated Daily Income Program. Given below are some estimates of the price MOBE incurs:

  • Silver Masterclass – $2,497
  • Gold Masterclass – $4,997
  • Titanium Masterclass – $8,997 plus $199 every month
  • Platinum Masterclass – $14,997 plus $299 every month
  • Diamond Masterclass – $29,997 plus $299 every month

The highest membership costs almost $30,000!

  • The money-making mechanism of MOBE lacks coherence and practicality. It depends on how many people you can convince to join MOBE. Once you join MOBE after paying the initial membership fee, you will be forced to find other people who will join MOBE. That’s the only way to earn some real money through this platform. 

MOBE is surprisingly honest with their disclaimer. It states that 95% of the people make less than $250/year by using their system. They claim that people don’t work hard enough to see any real breakthrough and progress. 

Is Automated Daily Income Legit or Scam?

  • After extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that Automatic Daily Income can help you earn money, so technically it’s not a scam

However, the amount of hard work, grit, and patience needed for earning any real money is insane. The earning potential is very little compared to the amount of grueling work you will be asked to put into this program. 

My Recommendation?

  • Despite my understanding that Automated Daily Income is not a scam, I am not going to recommend it to anyone of you. The reason is that is much better, easier, and more efficient ways of making money online. I have been using PPC and local lead generation for quite some while now. They have enabled me to enhance my earnings considerably. 

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

My Experience

When I started my journey to make money online, I too encountered multiple scams and lost quite some money. However, all of that changed when I learned about local lead generation. Let me share my experience with you: 

  • I have 15 years of affiliate and online marketing experience, and I make 4-5 figure monthly income via local lead generation.
  • I help local businesses in my area get more traffic and sales on their websites. This is local lead generation. I generate leads and earn my commission. 
  • I use PPC and Facebook Ads for creating targeted adverts, and fine-tune each campaign so that it gets the most clicks. 
  • More clicks mean more traffic, which results in more opportunities for conversions to sales. 
  • This might seem simple, but if you don’t have the necessary skills and experience you won’t get far with it. This is why I recommend taking a PPC course with Local Marketing Vault. 

Learn more about my #1 recommendation to grow an online business here.

Local Marketing Vault

Local Marketing Vault is a specialized training program that enables you to be a PPC expert within a few weeks. 

  • They teach you using a hands-on practical approach, so you learn by actually doing it. 
  • They have a 5500+ members community on Facebook that offers advice, critique, and guidance. You’ll always have the support you need and will never feel left out. 
  • They give you pre-designed sales funnels that you can customize and use. 
  • They teach you all about targeted advertising, keyword research, and using analytics to your campaign’s advantage. 

Local Marketing Vault is by far the best online course I have come across, that offers unmatched skills and unrivaled support. Even after you complete the course, you still feel as if you are an integral part of the Local Marketing Vault community. If you want to have a legit monthly income without any strings attached then Local Marketing Vault is the right program for you.

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