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30 Leads In 30 Minutes – Creative Ways To Get Leads

You can literally hear my email notifications coming in with leads as I make the video LOL!

Listen if you want a creative way to get some leads and get them fast then watch the video below!

Hey what is up!? Chris from The Daily SEM here with some more outside the box thinking.

I made the video on the fly… within 5 minutes of doing my test… so sorry for any hiccups or parts I needed to blur out.

Basically I am leveraging an authority site to get some leads, a direct link, and most importantly some real traffic that will most likely spend time on my site and submitting my form.

I really hope this gets you thinking outside the box as far as SEO goes and this post is actually building up to something HUGE I want to show you in the next week or so!

Be Sure To Select HD So You Can Read The Text In The Video

Now I am sure some of you are saying… ok you can get leads fast that way and it is a creative way to get leads, but are they good leads?

Short Answer?

  • No they are probably not going to be the best leads unless…

Unless you are targeting a site that is geared towards whatever you are promoting.

So if you are just going to some basic FREEBIE site, people are going to try and get anything for free that they can, but if you go to a site like SlickDeals or some other deal forum and go after a specific category then you will get a better chance of people hitting your site that are interested.

Now again…. in this example I was giving away free shakeology samples and of course there is no way to be giving 100's of samples out unless I really wanted to put some money out… and of course if this is your business model you can do this.

Ultimately for the purpose here it was to generate some buzz, some traffic, and some action to my site and it worked well!

The page still ranks and I do get a few leads a day from it.

Hope this gets you thinking! Please let me know what you think below!

Also be sure to check out my post on how CTR “Click Through Rate” is a huge factor in ranking in Google today!

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