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Young Dolph Net Worth

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Who is Young Dolph? Adolph Thornton is a rapper who goes by the name Young Dolph and is worth 2.9 million dollars. He was born in Chicago on August 11, 1985, however, he moved to Memphis with his family when he turned two.

  • His parents were not a great influence on him and were never around him as well as they were crack addicts, so it was his siblings that had to bring him up. The only link that he had with the music industry was his cousins Juice Wrld and Key Glock. 

How did Young Dolph end up in the world of rapping? In 2008, he had a serious accident in which he was very close to death. Shortly, his grandmother died from cancer, and to cope with her death he started making music. 

  • Several years later in 2017, he was driving a black SUV when two cars pulled up beside him and started shooting bullets on him. Even though he managed to escape without getting injured, but his expensive vehicle was completely damaged.

Later, he got shot three times while he was shopping and he was kept in the ICU for 14 days due to his critical condition. 

  • Young Dolph had to do a lot of struggles to reach the place he is now in his career, and his lyrics are very much appreciated by his fans all around the world.

He believes that one must not pay attention to negative thoughts, negative people, and anything negative in life. He admires those people who want to get their work done and grind every day just to do that. 

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