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Andy Frisella Net Worth

andy frisella net worth
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Everything you need to know about Andy Frisella Net Worth

Andy Frisella is a head honcho of 1st Phorm, podcaster, speaker, dominator of things. He is among one of the most influential people in the world majoring in business. He has many relations on social media which not only draw people to him but the products he makes as well. He has an estimated net worth of $110 million as of 2021. Here is a little detail of his life and his achievements. 

Early Life and Career

  • Andy was an entrepreneur from a very young age, he had a spark in him. Andy used to sell lemonades and baseball caps to his neighbors door to door. Even when he is interviewed he says that entrepreneurship runs in his blood. 
  • He had to face something very traumatic when he was in college, he might be in his early 20s. One night when he was walking out of there with his friend, he got stabbed in the face that caused a lifetime of nerve damage and to date, he is unable to feel anything on his face. 
  • This experience made him vow to himself that he would become a strong and powerful person. He didn’t let anything take him down. 

Entrepreneur career

  • He launched his first company Supplement stores which is a vitamins and supplements store. They only had $12000 and Andy and his business partner Chris could not afford to advertise. 
  • They rented a retail store and got their first products, and embarked on this journey as entrepreneurs.
  • They went daily to people to market their brand as this was the only option that they had. One of the things that they had in mind was to focus on the customer rather than the product. 
  • Due to this strategy Supplement stores grew and to date, they generated a revenue of $100 million 

Personal Achievements 

  • Andy is a nutrition, fitness, and weight loss enthusiast. He is the CEO and the founder of the very famous supplement stores. He has also founded Alpine Sports products, Carbon Fire Nutrition, Paradise distribution which generates total revenue of $200 million revenue. 
  • He is a podcast host of two podcasts. The REALAF podcast and the MFCEO podcast. 
  • Andy is also a bestselling author of books. He has written 6 children's books and 1 self-help book. The children’s books encourage them to work hard and not become lazy. It is the kind of book everyone would want their child to read. 
  • He has been featured by many leading brands like Forbes, Influencive, top gear, etc. 
  • He got the entrepreneur of the year award in 2016, in light of all the achievements he has made in the business world. He makes more than $200 million in a year. He is very open about sharing his journey as an entrepreneur. He inspires many Millenials through the different platforms that he has like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He has approximately 1.8 million followers only on Instagram. 
  • Leadership is about solving the problems and guiding the people, he is a natural leader and motivator. 

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