beachbody-reviewsBeachbody is a strong company with recognizable products such as Insanity and others. The company was founded in 2007 in Santa Monica, California where the ‘Muscle Beach’ is located.

The founders of the company set it up famously to end obesity and unhealthy eating habits worldwide. The founders, Karl Daikeler and Jon Congdon have been around the infomercial circuit for a while and have been running their company since 1998.

However, it was largely present in infomercials before then and didn’t hit direct sales until 2007. That’s also when their sales started going through the roof. Just last year, they revealed that they made around $570 million in sales.

While some of their hype has faded, they’re still selling and pushing a lot of product.

I am going to review their products, brand and compensation plan to give you an idea of what you’d be signing up for.

What I’ve noticed is that a lot of companies usually tank once they convert to a direct selling and/or MLM model, but this wasn’t the case for Beachbody. Their sales simply took off and they haven’t looked back since.

This is also because right at this time, the health and wellness industry got a boost and Beachbody was right in the center of this movement. The difference with Beachbody is that they don’t promise you any miracle transformation overnight.

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Instead, they offer you custom plans and diet guidelines that will help you actually get healthy and fit in the long run. Their coaches are proof that their plans actually work.

Insanity itself is proof of how difficult and strenuous their training programs are but once you get into it, it pays off big time.

The company’s authenticity comes with the fact that their coaches have to do the programs themselves before they can demonstrate or sell them to others.

During this time, they market their transformations so other people can get a close look at how Beachbody’s programs prove to be effective.

A lot of people clamor to buy the product without even being marketed to. Even though this seems to be a pretty transparent operation, a lot of scandals have arisen based on the fact that people get private messages in their email or Instagram from coaches.

These messages insinuate that the person needs to work out or lose weight to achieve their ideal bodies. Coaches also target them by sending them what could be ‘after’ pictures of them if they tried out the Beachbody workouts.

So how do you become a coach in the first place? You have to start off by paying a fee of $39.95 for a first time activation. Once you’ve paid this, you will pay $15.95 monthly so that your account can stay active.

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This is just for coaches. If you want to become a seller or affiliate, you actually have to complete some fitness programs and challenges. This helps you get a feel of the program and probably makes it more authentic to sell to others.

For this, you will purchase the Challenge Pack which goes from as low as $140 to over $300. This depends on what kind of challenge you want to participate in.

Now let’s talk about Beachbody products. The company sells a lot of various fitness and nutrition programs and products. They have a flagship program known as P90X which is actually valued at around $700 million.

After they released this, they released two other high intensity workouts called Insanity and Asylum. These ones became so popular that they then started shelling out other programs like Brazilian Butt Lift, Core the Force and Country Heat.

Their programs are around a month long and cost around $60-80. If you sign up for more time consuming programs, they’ll set you back by a $100-200 easy.

If you’re a coach, you will earn around 25% commission on all personal retail sales. This is pretty normal in terms of industry averages.

However, you have to consider that you will pay a lot if you want to make side money and you will have to make a lot in sales to make this pay off. For example, for every Shakeology or P90X program that you manage to sell, you will get $30.

The programs retail for $120 or more per program. Compensation also works on team cycle bonuses, which means you have the potential to earn more on a regular basis. Beachbody also offers a pretty standard compensation program which means that every time your team completes one cycle, which is around 300 Team Volume (TV), you get a bonus.

This is a cycle bonus. The bonuses work as the following: $14 for Emerald Coaches, $16 for Ruby Coaches and $18 for Diamond Coaches. You get paid this amount every time your team gets up to 300 TV.

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