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YG Net Worth

yg net worth
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Everything you need to know about YG net worth

YG, also known as Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson, is a rapper and has a net worth of 7 million dollars approximately. If you want to learn more about YG, his life, and how he managed to earn this much money, then keep on reading. 

  • He was born on March 9, 1990, in Compton, California. As a young student, he was a bad kid and would always get into serious problems due to which he and his mom had to move out of Compton, but he went there back.

He used to be involved in gang banging, robbing, burglaries, breaking into other people’s homes. He even got into jail once. At the age of 16, he got into the Bloods gang and got his name ‘YG’ which stands for ‘Young Gangster’. 

  • In 2015, he was shot three times while he was at a recording studio due to which he had to go to a local hospital, but he went back to his studio the next day. YG also has his own label called ‘4Hunnid Records’ which means ‘forever one hundred’.

This label has become a lifestyle brand and sells high-end clothing and other merchandise.

  • Other than this, YG also made a short film in which he acted also. He likes to be dangerous and take risks. He decided to get into other businesses because he knows that he cannot rely on his rap solely.

When he came into the music field, he did not make enough money that he deserved. 

One advice that he would like to give to young artists is that always be true to yourself and don't care about what other people think and talk about you. YG was always criticized for his lyrics since they glorified violence and even some robberies were inspired by his song. 

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