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Pete Cashmore Net Worth

pete cashmore net worth
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Everything you need to know about Pete Cashmore Net Worth

Pete Cashmore is famously known for being the founder and CEO of a popular media and entertainment company, it is also a digital and publication platform called Mashable. He has been recognized in Inc. “30 under 30” and “Top 25 Celebs”. He was also considered the most influential Twitter user in 2009. Pete has an estimated Net Worth of $18 million as of 2021. Here are some facts about Pete and how he started his empire from a very young age. 

 Early Life and Career

  • Pete Cashmore was born on 18th September 1985. He was raised in Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 
  • He grew up and spent all his childhood in Scotland. That is also where he launched Mashable. He was only 19 years old at that time. 
  • When he started this blog he had no idea how it was going to turn out but eventually, it morphed into a global media and entertainment company. It gained the success and fame he never thought it would. 
  • The entertainment company has a whopping 45 million monthly readers and a social media fan following of 28 million. People from all around the world tune in to read his blog, all that he started when he was just a kid. 
  • His one step has made him very credible in the tech world. Every major publication has its name on the list of people who are young, professional, and successful. 
  • He has spent a lot of time expanding his business but has taken some time off in the past few years. He recently hinted that he has been working on a new project that he will be disclosed soon. 

Net worth Lessons 

Along with working hard to build an empire he has learned some valuable lessons from his success and the problems that he had to face in between. In order to maintain a balanced life while making your way up to the top, there are some rules that have to be followed. 

  • There is a stereotype going around and circulating for many years and decades that young people often make mistakes when it comes to businesses. Pete says that that is not entirely true. If you want to achieve your goals and dreams there is no limit to it. Young people may person better and be more successful than someone with more knowledge and experience. 
  • He advises people to find opportunities in adversity. When he started his blog he did it because he was facing serious appendectomy complications. Once he started learning about the tech he realized that he was good at writing about it and so he wrote and sold his articles to various tech companies under different pen names. 
  • He spent a good few years writing articles and selling them until he founded Mashable. He would spend hours making a schedule for himself and update his blog on the peak reading hours in the US. 
  • Unlike most bloggers on the internet, Pete did not write for his own sake he wrote because he knew that his words had worth and that he wanted to gain utility from it. He would remind himself a few things every time he sat to write that he had to be different from other blogs and make a multi-million blog. 

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