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World Wide Dream Builders Review: Should You Get Involved?

world wide dream builders

If you’ve ever thought of making money from home with WWDB, then you want to read my World Wide Dream Builders review to the end.

In this review, I’m going to provide you with relevant information that will help you decide whether or not you can make money easily with WWDB. This review covers the full range of what WWDB offers, how it started, member’s earning potential and their method of operation.

Ready? Let’s get started now!

What is ‘World Wide Dream Builders’?

  • WWDB is a business support group created by successful Amway distributors which use the methods from their own success to train and motivate new Amway distributors to succeed in their business.
  • WWDD sells motivational products in format such as CDs, ebooks, audio files and presentations to help new members sell, recruit, and possibly walk their way up to becoming Diamond level distributors.
  • Our conversation around WWDB isn’t complete until we talk about Amway. Amway is a long-standing MLM (multi-level marketing) company that reportedly generates billions of dollars a year. The organization has been around since 1959.

Like most network marketing companies, Amway distributors are promoted to different levels based on their ability to sell the company’s products. The dream level for every Amway distributor is the Diamond level. However, this isn’t usually an easy feat to achieve.

To help new members achieve their goals of joining the network, some successful members have taken it upon themselves to provide them with the training and mentorship support. These support groups are called Lines of Affiliations (LOAs). WWDB is one of such support groups.

Who founded WWDB?  

  • ronWorld Wide Dream Builders was found by Ron Puryear back in the late 70s. The group became an incorporated company, formally known as World Wide Group, LLC in 1995.

Who’s Ron Puryear?  

  • Ron started with Amway way back in the early 70s with his wife Georgia. The Puryears quickly mastered the art of selling Amway products and recruited other interested entrepreneurs into their downline.
  • They both managed to hit it big and rose to become Diamond level distributors within four years. They started pulling in 6 figures and became very popular among other Amway distributors.
  • Intrigued by their own success, Ron came up with the idea of helping other marketers to achieve Diamond by providing them with strategies intended to help them develop winning mindsets and become successful distributors like him.

So, he started WWDB as a training platform to teach others his methods for success in the network marketing space. Today, World Wide Dream Builders boasts of more than 500 qualified Diamonds according to information about the group on Wikipedia.

Ron passed away in 2016, but the company continues to exist with his son, Jim Puryear now serving as chairman.

How does WWDB work?

  • Joining WWDB implies that you’re also becoming a member of Amway. That is, your journey starts from you becoming an Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO) which costs barely $100 per year.
  • After becoming a fully registered Amway member, you can then apply to join WWDB as a basic member. Membership fee costs $54.95 per month. However, it appears WWDB isn’t upfront about their charges as there are some additional fees you’d be required to pay.

Here’s a breakdown:

WWDB has a communication system which allows members to partake in the activities within the group. It is called CommuniKate and it costs $37/month.

You’re also required to pay for a basic subscription for training resources including CDs, audio files and other digital downloads which costs $25/month.

In total, you’re paying close to $122 per month to remain an active member of the group. This gives you access to all the training materials as well as the group’s communication system.

But that’s not all. There are a number of major functions, seminars and educational programs that are held throughout the year. Examples of such occasions are Dream Night, Spring Leadership, Family Reunion, and so on. This costs $75-$250 per attendee.

It’s important to note that you’re incurring these costs in addition to what you’re paying Amway to sell for them.

WWDB Compensation and Income

  • World Wide Dream Builders has a compensation plan that’s similar to Amway’s.
  • There’s no free income here. WWDB makes their distributors work very hard. That’s probably why you see many of their members spamming different Facebook groups.
  • As a member, you have to hit a minimum monthly “PV” before you can qualify for commission. PV (point volume, in dollars) is the amount of product you have to personally buy or sell every month to earn commission. The Amway’s minimum PV as of the time of writing this review is $100 a month. This gives you a 3% commission.

You’re also expected to recruit other Amway reps in your downline. You have to encourage each of these reps to buy at least 100 PV a month. Getting them to generate the minimum PV can boost your commission rate up to 25%.

In addition, you’ve got to encourage at least half of your downline to attend those high-ticket events. And also keep subscribing to the monthly training resources.

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WWDB: Is It A Scam?

  • World Wide Dream Builders isn’t a scam. WWDB is by far the largest and most successful Amway Motivational Organization. The group has helped more than 500 Amway distributors become qualified Diamonds worldwide.

Also, WWDB is affiliated with Amway – the most successful MLM company in the world. Amway has been around since 1959. And the organization rakes in more than $8 billion a year in direct sales.

However, it’s instructive to point out that the chances of success with WWDB is very low. The odds of making passive income as they claim are slim at best. This is due to the amount of work that is required coupled with the public’s perception of  MLM generally.

Do I recommend this program?  

  • To be honest with you, I wouldn’t recommend WWDB.
  • And nope, this is not because I have something against the group. Or because I’m a hater.
  • But let’s face it.  People join business opportunities because of the earning potential and the power to change their lifestyle.

Although, BBDB claims to help you make money and become financially independent. But the question is, how easy is it to make money in this kind of condition?

I hate to break it to you. Making money with WWDB is not a walk in the park. The business requires getting downlines which can be very stressful and challenging.

This is 2020. People don’t want to go through that stress. More people are becoming increasingly interested in earning income that doesn’t require heckling others to join your team.

Maybe this system worked 2-3 decades ago. These days, most people feel reluctant to join the MLM programs because there are too many bad actors in the industry.

What are the pros and cons of WWDB?  


  •       WWDB is the largest and most successful Amway Motivational Organization. They’ve helped more than 500 Amway distributors reach Diamond level. They also have a plethora of inspirational resources that can help you take your MLM business to the next level. The group also organizes educational events throughout the year to equip members with a winning mindset to achieve success in their business.


  •       The group enjoys a fair rating from the Better Business Bureau. Not many MLMs achieve this. WWDB is however not officially a BBB accredited company.


  •  Making money with WWDB is HARD. You have to work your ass off to sell Amway products, and recruit six other people in your downlines who must meet the minimum PV before you can earn good commission or get promoted to new levels.

This can become frustrating especially when you find it difficult to recruit others. Or when you have downlines that are not committed to the business.

  • Also, joining WWDB means you’re joining the most controversial network marketing company in the world – Amway. Many people have come to identify the company as a pyramid scheme. And you may have to spend a lot of time trying to change their mind.
  •  Earning potential can also be hampered by your upline. Your upline can help or hinder your progress along your climbing of the ladder. This business model requires you to stay in the good graces of your upline. And to achieve that, you have to attend those in-person meetings I mentioned earlier. Pay for all training materials. Spend your extra income on things related to WWDB, and so on.

World Wide Dream Builders Review: Final Thought

Agreed, the experience and opinion about WWDB can’t be the same with everybody. It’s possible you’d come across an individual or people who have made money with it. The important thing is to know what’s good for you based on your personality. And the kind of life you want for yourself.

Nonetheless, I don’t recommend joining a business where your earning depends on your ability to sweet-talk other people into joining an MLM company. And spending most part of your week looking for people to sell some products to.

Is There A Better And Easier Alternative Out There?

Yes, there’s a business model that allows you to have maximum freedom over your time while earning from the comfort of your home.

Unlike WWDB, You don’t have to recruit people. In fact, it doesn’t require you selling any product at all. This is the business that helps me make 4-5 figures on a monthly basis. I’ve also been able to create my 6-figure business over the years now. I achieve all this with an online program known as The Local Marketing Vault.

What’s The Local Marketing Vault?ron

The Local Marketing Vault is an easy to duplicate funnels and Facebook ads program that trains you how to build a profitable business by helping local companies to generate qualified leads. The Local Marketing Vault allows you to earn 4-5 figures in retainer fee monthly.

How profitable is the lead generation business?

Lead generation is highly profitable and will remain profitable for as long as businesses need new customers. You can earn consistent income online by helping local companies get new customers. LMV makes it easy for you to run successful Facebook ads to generate qualified leads whether you’re a newbie or a professional online marketer.

The program shows you tested, proven and easy-to-implement strategies to conveniently generate leads. The program offers a guarantee for success as it gives you access to high-converting pre-built funnels.

LMV doesn’t only get you access to tools and training to get results for your clients. You will be given access to a private Facebook group of almost 5,000 smart marketers you can partner with. These people can help you jumpstart your journey into becoming a successful lead generation expert.

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2 thoughts on “World Wide Dream Builders Review: Should You Get Involved?”

  1. So funny that you can have an opinion when you don’t even have the facts straight! This organization has changed our family’s life. It’s the most incredible thing we’ve ever been a part of! Success in ANYTHING takes hard work.. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, it matters where you want to go. That’s the coolest part, it’s the most even playing field I’ve ever seen. I would suggest anyone who is curious, get educated from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about! Education causes transformation. Cite credible sources 🙂

    • I actually think that Chris was very clear and on point with his facts.

      We were part of WWDB/Amway for almost 4 years. So I think that gives me the qualifications to give an educated opinion.
      We moved from a different state to be closer to our upline, we met a lot of amazing people, went to many of the functions, brought downline to functions as well, we had great moments, but we also had hard moments.
      He’s not wrong in saying that building this business is hard, we saw many people become Eagles, Double Eagles, Platinums, but we also saw people that had worked extrémales hard to achieved those “ranks” to then lose it all…just like in any business there can be loss. Personally we lost our “Eagleship”.
      We still agree with many of the success points they teach, and apply them to our life still to the day, but we also had a hard time fully accepting some of the verbiage that was used by upline such as “if you are not in this business, you aren’t wanting to be successful”, “building this business = being a winner, hundreds of people choose the opposite”.
      I understand where they are coming from, they have to keep people motivated, it’s a HARD business, but some of those phrases can sound demeaning to those that choose not to go ahead with wanting to build THAT specific business.
      The couple that invited us to be part of the business were our friends before we joined, and because of personal family reasons we had to remove ourselves from it, now we feel our friendship with them is not the same, because we choose to not be “winners”.

      My husband always felt pressured to build the business and if he didn’t, he wasn’t “man enough”, or “not choosing to fight for our family’s freedom and dreams”. I was also guilty of guilt tripping him and being upset if he didn’t go out to prospect and get numbers, because that meant he didn’t care enough for me/us. Do I want our family to have financial freedom? Of course! But I know there are many ways of achieving that and Amway/WWDB is not the only way, or the BEST way for everyone. My dad did it himself without them.

      I know every person that has or is in the business (for more than 3 hours)has a unique experience because people have different uplines, after choosing to leave the business we stayed briefly in touch with our Rubi’s and we were told by them that our immediate upline (only double eagles at the time) had made themselves clear to their Rubi’s (same couple) that they didn’t want them reaching down to their downline, they had a “better” way of building the business. We always felt their approach was very cutthroat, and that people could easily become $ symbols, and we were no on board with that kind of mentality. And that mentality can easily be adopted in this business. If someone doesn’t want to “support” your business, you cut them off of your life. I get that if someone is being EXTREMELY negative to your journey and constantly pestering you have to draw a line, but for the most part people just aren’t on the same page and it’s ok for them to not want to support you or want to be part of the same journey, that doesn’t make them losers or dumb. We wish we could have been mentored differently and we have talked about “IF” we ever come back to it, we will go straight to our Rubi upline because they actually create real relationships with people before even introducing the business to them.

      -Do we think Amway is an good company with good products? Yes, we actually still buy many of their products and my parents have for years before us being IN the business. I believe they do have quality products.

      -Do we think WWDB is a good mentorship program and can change your family legacy? Yes

      -Did we learned many good things from it? Yes, some of those things we will use for life.

      -Is it HARD to build the business? Yes

      -Do they say some things that could maybe be phrased differently? Definitely

      -Can the upline be pushy at times and ask you to be faithful to the partnership by paying for the monthly membership fees, going to functions, doing the PV? Yes. We didn’t experience that personally but, we knew people that were being “guilt tripped” into finding ways of check marking those things. I understand it’s a business and that they have their “recipe for success” that needs to be followed in order to see results, but not everyone is in a financial place to make those expenses out of the blue.

      To recap:

      Amway/WWDB are NOT scams. They are legit businesses that have helped many people create amazing life styles. But let’s be honest, IT’S HAAARRDDD work, and part of it is because: You literally have NO control over people, you can talk to 10 people a day, have meet&greets, take people through the process left and right, but ultimately, it’s up to them to decide to want to take that journey. Unlike other business ventures were there is more control over how you make passive income.

      I believe Chris cited credible sources and in my opinion he didn’t say anything incorrect.

      If anyone is here because you are curious to know what WWDB is, or you are being taken through the process, it is a good thing to ask THEM (those prospecting you) the hard questions, I’m sure they will be willing to answer.
      Sometimes people IN the business will try to not say words like “Amway, WWDB, MLM” and they will try to find different verbiage to talk about it, or even if you ask to many questions they will label you as “not a fit”, we were trained to do this ourselves, but we found out that some people are actually put off by that, and that it was better to be upfront from the beginning.
      If you think an MLM is a pyramid scheme then, please, educate yourself. Your job can be more of a pyramid scheme than a business like this. Only one person can be the CEO or the “Boss”, and getting promoted (for the most part) is not up to your personal efforts but what the company deems best, so you really not have much control.
      Business of the 21st century by Robert K. (if you are being taken through the process you probably are reading it or will read it) is a good book that was written by someone NOT associated AT ALL with both businesses. And it would be foolish to not listen to someone that has actual financial freedom.
      Personally we have chosen to go the Real Estate route ourselves apart from doing other things.

      If you are willing to go through personal hell for years, and to follow their “secret sauce of success”, by all means… DO IT! 🙂

      To Veronique:
      I would be interested to know how long you have been in the business and what level you have achieved, we do believe people can make good money and have a good life by building a solid downline, but IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE PERIOD.
      And I would be interested in knowing which facts he “didn’t have straight”.
      I agree with you, Education does cause transformation but WWDB/Amway is not the only way to achieve both.

      “The important thing is to know what’s good for you based on your personality. And the kind of life you want for yourself.”


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