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What is your actual worth?

Ever wondered what your actual worth is? When we think about our worth, the first thing that comes to our minds is how much money we have in our pockets. People think that the amount of money we manage to make is what is going to define our success, but what will we do if we lose all our money tomorrow? Will we become worthless?

It is important for us to not attach our worth to things that have a monetary value, instead, we should hold on to things that are actually valuable. 

Instead of counting your bucks as your worth, you should focus on all the other things in your life that will actually stay forever. What are those things? 

It is your mindset, skills, relationships, life experiences, and lessons that are actually going to stick with you forever. You can never lose these. Your experiences will teach you lessons for your life and these are your actual “assets”. 

Yes, it is important to make money, after all how else would be we be able to survive in this world, but at the same time don’t attach your worth to your money.

You have other assets to focus on, without which money would be worthless as well. 

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