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Mike Rashid Net Worth

mike rashid net worth
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Everything you need to know about Mike Rashid Net Worth

Mike Rashid is a power bodybuilder, athlete, author, entrepreneur, a former boxer, and online fitness guru from the United States. Alongside being a popular gym owner Mike also runs his own supplement and clothing line and has seen lots of success in it. Mike has an estimated net worth of  $2.1 million as of February 2021. Let's get into the details of how Mike rose to fame by working hard and hustling.

Early Life and Career

  • Mike Rashid was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA on 14th March 1982. Mike started working out from a very young age because of his father. He had his first boxing match at the age of 12. 
  • In 2009, Mike Rashid was a personal trainer at the Gold’s gym in Long Beach, California. He had always been an athlete and in great shape. At the age of 12, he became an amateur boxer. So he looked the part and was great at whipping people into shape. It wasn't until he learned how to sell things that took off.  
  • Soon he was responsible for 80% of the training revenue of the gym although there were 14 other trainers on staff. 

He went all in. In the first month, he made $15 grand and started uploading videos of his clients on youtube, tracking their process both in terms of performance and body composition. This motivated them to push harder and get more gains.  

Mike's Youtube career and supplement company.

  • While catering to his clients and uploading youtube videos he made sure that he was also in good shape. He was a walking billboard for his service, landing new clients with ease. He was also getting new certifications. He was obsessed with getting a good result out of his clients. He once told Tatiana James in an interview that “ I don't care about what you are selling, the product has to be good. And in that business, I was the product.” 
  • A few months later Mike had no bandwidth left. He was training people all day and turning new clients away. He needed more energy and started taking pre-working out supplements, but he wasn't happy with any of them. He started making them on his own and by accident, he launched his own supplement company
  • It evolved to The Ambrosia collective which now sells supplements like plant proteins, pre and probiotics, keto coffee, a brain booster, and many more.

In the background, his Youtube channel was gaining more and more subscribers. He started taking online presence more seriously, upping the quality of his videos, hopping on Instagram, and blowing that up.  

 What is Mike doing currently? 

  • With millions of new followers, he has been able to add new income streams that he is passionate about. Apparel, organic food delivery, at-home boxing gym, private nutrition planning, virtual personal training, and more. 
  • To add it all up, Mike Rashid now makes in a few days what he would have made in a year at Gold’s Gym. 
  • His key to success is, reinvest in your profits early on and build a talented team. Your customer service always has to be on point. If you are passionate about it will be easier for you to market and sell.  

For Mike money matters “To me making money is fun. That's the ultimate fun, I'm sorry. The more money I have, the happier I am.”

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