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Ways to Make Extra Money like Donating Plasma

Plasma Donating – Ways To Make Extra Money

make extra money like donating plasmaThere are ways to make extra money like donating plasma. If you are looking for some side cash, this option is a legit way to make money. The process takes only about two hours and you can donate two times a week. Whether you can donate plasma and how many times you can do it will depend on your health and blood conditions. Learn more about this option so you can safely donate plasma and earn some regular income.

What Is Blood Plasma?

It is the fluid part of your blood that is helpful in clotting which is an important aspect of blood functions. The plasma has enzymes, antibodies and some proteins. It is useful in transporting electrolytes to muscles, maintaining body pH and blood pressure, and help blood clot. Plasma is needed to improve clotting, treat burns, and for other medical conditions. It is also needed by some pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs for certain diseases like hemophilia.

The blood has platelets and red and white blood cells. In plasma donation, the fluid part of the blood is separated from other contents of the blood with the help of a medical equipment. After plasma extraction, the remaining content of the blood is returned to the body.

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How Much Can You Earn by Donating Plasma?

The amount you can earn every month by donating plasma will depend on the frequency you are able and allowed to donate. The amount you receive for each donation will also depend on the location where you donate. Some places that cannot find sufficient plasma donors and have high demand for this fluid pay more. In fact, at these places, promotions are held and bonus cash is offered to attract more plasma donors.

These incentives are offered even for increasing donation frequency. You can donate your plasma two times a week. The amount of plasma you can donate will depend on your health condition, weight and age. You can expect $20-$50 for each donation. This way you can make $160-$400 every month. The payments are usually made with a debit card that is similar to a bank issued card. You can draw cash with the help of this card and get money for your donations.

Plasma Donation Requirements

These requirements vary from one plasma center to another. You must be 18 or over and in good health. Your weight should be at least 110 pound. You have to show documents like Social Security number, proof of address, date of birth, and a photo ID that has your signature.

The Process for Plasma Donation

The plasma center will first conduct a medical evaluation to determine if you are the right candidate for this donation. The lab clinician will ask you questions about your health and medical history. A blood test will be done to confirm your eligibility. Individuals on antibiotics, alcohol, vaccinations and immunization can be denied from donating plasma.

It can take two hours to donate plasma and the blood extraction process starts with inserting a needle into the vein to draw the blood. Plasma is separated from this blood and the remaining content is returned back to the body.

Donating plasma is one way you can make some side cash. Contact the nearest plasma donation center to learn more and to donate your plasma.

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