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Top 4 PPC Success Stories – Part II

ppc success stories

Read Inspiring PPC success stories from business professionals

Pay Per Click advertising model has been used by several small & large-scale businesses to boost their profitability, increase customer base, and maximize revenue. In this installment, we look at two more businesses that achieved their success story with the help of PPC. Read their story below. 


  • Cruise is a travel agency based in Redditch, England. It allows people to book a cruise tour with huge discounts from top UK ports to a variety of destinations. The cruise was experiencing a slump in its sales and customer bookings. The management noticed that they don’t have detailed profiles about their customer’s travel preferences and wasn’t able to target the right cruise trips to the right customer. They also observed that while their site traffic was good, conversions were low. Their marketing spend’s ROI looked weak, and these costs were putting the company in a difficult situation. 

After consultation with various executives and experts, Cruise began exploring the option of using PPC to market their cruises. They wanted to make sure that they were able to serve a customer of every budget and requirement, and it was important to target each customer with an ad that was personalized according to their taste. PPC helped Cruise to create ads that seemed personalized for each customer. 

  • They invested in Smart Bidding automation, which enabled them to bid for only those keywords that were being searched and had a high probability of conversion. Regular testing of headlines and descriptions helped Cruise to target customers more efficiently. Their cost per new customer acquisition was lowered and profits were steadily increasing.

As a result of employing PPC and smart bidding, Cruise saw its bookings increase by 193%. They also noticed a 17% reduction in costs, especially from their marketing department, and subsequently a 128% boost in revenue. The cruise which started out as a small company now employs over 300 people and has offices in 4 locations across Europe. They have 4130 reviews on Trustpilot which rank them at 4.7/5.0 which is good considering they’re targeting a niche market. PPC can help businesses of all sizes and scales, which is why enrolling in a PPC learning course is highly recommended. 

Topps Tiles

  • Topps Tiles is a UK-based national quality tile retailer, based out of  Enderby, Leicestershire. Topps Tiles was founded as early as 1963, has a diverse network of 370 stores all across the UK, and employs over 1800 retail employees to deliver a world-class service to its customers. 

Topps started its business when a simple brick-and-mortar store was enough. A retail location along with a strong distribution network meant a business would have all the success. But over the years all that changed. Since the advent of E-Commerce and international trade, competition has become rather fierce for Topps Tiles. Topps Tiles was experiencing a slump in sales, and as a result, its profitability was affected.

  • Topps Tiles wanted to maximize its online reach, by improving its site traffic and lead conversions. Their management realized that it's equally important to have a strong online presence alongside their offline sales and distribution channels. 

Topps Tiles partnered with Croud and implemented a PPC campaign to improve their online presence as well as to reduce their marketing costs. Regular testing, smart keyword bidding, and targeting customers accurately helped them increase their online footprint. Within the first month, they experienced 20k additional clicks, an increase of 178% in orders, and a reduction of costs by 29%. Topps Tiles now regularly utilizes the latest trends in PPC to make sure they keep on performing better on their online platforms. 

If you want your business to be as successful as the ones mentioned above, then we at The Daily SEM highly recommend enrolling in a PPC learning course offered by Local Marketing Vault.

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