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advocare-reviewToday I’m going to talk about Advocare, which is a huge sports and wellness MLM company. It’s easy to get lost in the massive crowd of nutrition-focused MLMs but Advocare has proven to be somewhat successful in their own niche. Advocare sells a highly sought after workout drink called Advocare Spark and consumers have been pulled in by its effects and ingredients.

I’ve heard of people who call Advocare a large scam and/or pyramid scheme and this review will lay out more of their processes. Advocare mainly sells a lot of nutritional products, most of which are targeted towards athletes and high performance individuals. There’s the Advocare Spark, the protein shake, the Advocare One/80, which is a challenge for fitness loving people and workout enthusiasts.

Their products have been on the market for a long time, ever since 1993. I’ve heard people say they might be a pyramid scheme or a sellout, but the company actually allows people to buy their products in a retail based scheme as well. A marketer can purchase these articles and then start direct selling right away, so whether or not it’s a pyramid scheme is on you to tell.

I’ll talk a bit more about Advocare’s products in this review. Starting off with Advocare Spark, it’s a mixture of a pre-workout drink and also a BCAA supplement. This would probably be ideal to drink if you’re going to go workout or perhaps while you’re actually exercising. The Spark is also called a ‘cognitive enhancer’ which means it can enter the energy drink sector as well. Most Advocare Spark loyalists have made the drink their workout drink of choice which says a lot about the product. If you need some more technical info, Spark contains ingredients like taurine, caffeine, choline, I-tyrosine, pantothetic acid and some vitamins such as B6, B12 and riboflavin. Spark has 15 calories and serves around 60 mg of caffeine per serving size. This seems to be a pretty big amount of caffeine and you should be wary if you’re sensitive to this ingredient. Other than that, vitamins and minerals in Spark are good for athletes because it helps with muscle recovery and also contains almost 0 sugars. Spark uses artificial sweeteners to replace the sugar quotient. One alternative to Advocare Spark is Amino Energy which retails by Optimum Nutrition.

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Advocare’s other product is Advocare One/80 which is a proper wellness program. It takes care of budding athlete’s needs to refresh or condition themselves to a proper schedule for working out. The program provides people with day to day routines that are designed specifically to help them hit their fitness goals. If you purchase the bundle, you’re going to get Advocare Spark, along with shakes that work as meal replacements and a pill called MNS 3. This is apparently a pill that boosts your metabolism and works to suppress your appetite so you can hit your goals efficiently. MNS 3 also has fiber and omega 3 support supplements. Additionally, you will also get a customized program with details of how to follow the challenge. Advocare hasn’t released more information on MNS 3 even though consumers would probably appreciate it, but then again a lot of companies don’t release that information for their supplements.

Asides from the drink and program, Advocare also offers a ready to drink protein drink which appears to be made for convenience. It’s a simple and easy drink and comes in various cartons. Each carton has 20g of protein and carries around 140 calories. This drink is a great option for post workout stress when your muscles are undergoing trauma and need to recover. It will also give you a lot of protein and will help you reach your daily goals. Ready to drink products have come in handy for athletes for generations and that’s the knowledge that Advocare banks on. This is a more mild drink but more serious athletes can check out Advocare’s Muscle Gain, which is another shake carrying huge amounts of protein. Each serving has around 25g of protein, making it ideal for those who need larger gains in a shorter amount of time. One alternative product for this is called Muscle Milk and is available on the market.


Advocare also just signed a multiyear agreement to become the Official Sports Nutrition Partner for Major League Soccer…this is World Cup level! [3]

Of course, no MLM organization is without its share of controversy. Previously, it was discovered that one of their supplements called Arginine Extreme contained clenbuterol. This came out after Jessica Hardy, professional Olympic swimmer, tested positive with the contaminated ingredient. Advocare came under fire for this particular incident. Not only this, but later on they were in the spotlight again after a marketing campaign came out in which an Advocare product containing caffeine was marketed as being ideal to children. Despite these setbacks, Advocare seems to be continuing their sales and growing their distributor network.

Will you make money off of Advocare? They’re good but there are better MLM networks out there. There are much better ways to make money.

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Without sounding mean, you would probably like this system because it gives you a “blueprint” that grows without 3 way calls or spamming your facebook friends!

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