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Top 12 Google Ad Trends To Keep An Eye On

google ad trends 2022

Here are the top Google Ad trends to look out for in 2022

Even though plenty of advertising options are accessible today, but the popularity of Google Ads is matchless. Google Ads services can manage and assist a startup or a flourishing organization. Click and conversion rates of any advertisement are maximized. and higher returns are received by the companies that use Google Ads services.

Google Ads encompasses the accepted channels including YouTube and more. When so many popular mediums are used, an advertisement is sure to be noticed by the customers. It is estimated that Google Ads provides about 180 million impressions per month.

Below listed Google Ad trends need to be a part of a successful marketing strategy.

Local Campaigns Formats

  • To allow the local businesses to reach potential customers and increase the visits, local campaigns are the best promotional option. Over the past months, Google has added new methods that help advertise a business on Google Maps. The most popular one is the navigation app. 

It shows automatic suggestions using auto-suggest ads when a line of work is searched by the smartphone user. In the same way, navigational ads use the location of the user to show a business on the map as they navigate nearby.

Product Feeds

  • Product feeds have been added by Google to video action campaigns. This is a great opportunity for the advertisers who use video ads for promoting their business. So when the users click on a product after watching a video ad of your product, they will be directed to the landing page of your website. 

This helps the e-commerce marketers by:

  • Decreasing the conversion time
  • Improving sales attributions
  • Increasing sales

Conversion Modeling and Consent Mode

  • General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR has made it mandatory for online businesses including Google to follow vigorous privacy policies. Therefore, Google has initiated a method called Consent Mode. Google tags are adjusted depending on the consent status of the visitors. But this created certain problems. Google resolved the issues by making conversion modeling available for consent mode. 

Machine learning is used to analyze the observable data and user journey. Specific models are then employed to fill in missing attribution paths. This helps recover about 70% of ad-click-to-conversion journeys.

Video Advertising

  • The popularity of video ads is growing on social media channels such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter. The stats jumped to 30% in 2018 and are continuing to grow.

Cross-Channel Advertising

  • Today there are multiple channels of advertisement and the focus on the cross-channels has led to an increase in attribution. This positively impacts the conversion rate of every ad.

Headlines And Descriptions

  • The availability of diverse forms of headlines and descriptions may alter or change the content of Ads. Marketing strategies need to include a smart combination of headings and descriptions to improve their content.

Updates In Google Ads

  • Consistent updates in Google Ads trends are tremendously helping online businesses to grow and flourish. A few notable updates that took place in 2020 are discussed below.

Cross-Device Activity

  • The addition of cross-device activity to the attribution reports has improved cross-device conversion counts.

Cross-Account Management

  • The cross-account management strategy has helped users in managing activities on different Google Ads accounts. This decreases the time utilized for carrying out tasks.

The Navigation

  • This attribution of Google Ads has resulted in the well-organized implementation of tasks by introducing an edit panel.

Fluent Reporting

  • Google Ads assists users in choosing reporting columns according to the type of their campaign and account settings.

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