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The Profit League Review – Does It Still Work In 2020?

The Profit LeagueThe Profit League is a comprehensive educational program designed to guide you on how to promote businesses online. It focuses on pay per click (PPC) advertising and email marketing, which enable businesses to reach target audiences through video, text, and banner ads,

The creators of the program, Jeff Samis and his wife Jessica are passionate about various aspects of digital marketing. They decided to share their extensive knowledge about this dynamic field with small business owners, webmasters, and marketers. The duo provides in-depth coverage on how to maximize ROI with Facebook and Google ads.

The program provides access to educational videos that help individuals learn more about maximizing results with PPC ads. When done correctly, pay per click ads help boost brand awareness, generate leads, and increase sales. The Profit League also enables members to interact with a community of marketers. Doing so makes it easier to share ideas and experiences.

How does it work?

  • To become a new member of The Profit League, you need to apply via the program's website. Before booking a date for the initial consultation via the phone, you can gain more knowledge about the program by clicking on Proof or Apply links. In doing so, you will land on a welcome page loaded with detailed information about how the program works.
  • The page features video and text information to help you make an informed decision. At the bottom of the page, you can book an appropriate date and time for a consultation via phone. No new members can skip this step because the call allows the program originators to determine whether you are ready to join the community.

The call also allows you to ask any relevant questions about the league. In the end, you can make an informed about whether you ready to join or not. The Profit League review provides additional information relating to signing up and the program's features as well as benefits.

Senior members of the league provide finer details concerning the essential features of the program and how they help prospective members. Members benefit from the assistance to generate leads and boost overall sales. The program also provides comprehensive guidance on how to handle Facebook and Google ad campaigns.

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Key program features

  • The Profit League provides unlimited access to a member area loaded with educational videos focusing on creating effective online ads. This training content makes it easier to grasp the basic concepts relating to PPC ads. It focuses on various aspects, including conversion and generating traffic to your website or store.
  • This course teaches you how to employ scripts in both the ads and emails. Additionally, you can access more than 20 campaigns, which allow you to fill relevant information before launching the ads. Some of the campaigns are free while others are not.

As a member, you will participate in live weekly webinars that form part of the ongoing training. These webinars are an important component of the program. It comes as no surprise that Jeff and Jessica Samis view the platform as a digital academy.

The program enables you to test your skills by launching automated campaigns using email marketing tools like MailChimp. Although you should start slowly as you familiarize yourself with online advertising strategies, you will run paid pay per click advertisements. Your ad spend increases as you grasp the techniques.

The Profit League review: Support

Members of the league benefit from the support of experienced ad experts in the community. Furthermore, Jeff and Jessica Samis are available for consultation, which presents an opportunity to ask any questions or raise issues about the program. Community members interact via the program's Facebook page.

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The pros and cons of The Profit League membership


– Provides access to a community of people engaged in digital marketing
– Allows members to participate in live weekly webinars
– Offers a wide array of training materials, including videos
– Provides free and paid ad campaigns for practice
– Online training
– Easy to understand training materials


– The cost of The Profit League is $3,999which is a bit pricey

Program overview

  • jeff-jessica-samis-the-profit-leagueJeff and Jessica work tirelessly to keep updating the training materials. This approach ensures that members benefit from up to date training since the world of online marketing is dynamic and evolving. The program is beneficial to marketers or small business owners looking to boost customer acquisition or brand awareness.
  • Comprehensive training provided by the league can translate to increased online income thanks to effective ad planning. Google and Facebook ads allow advertisers to adjust a wide variety of settings designed to enhance targeting. Gaining advanced skills on how to tweak these settings makes it easier to boost ROI.

Whether you are an experienced or beginner, you will find The Profit League membership beneficial. The program enables you to interact with other individuals looking to boost the effectiveness of your ads and increase sales. Most people who join the league take advantage of the easy to understand training materials to improve PPC ad management skills.

The creators of the program continue to demonstrate a commitment to help marketers, entrepreneurs, and webmasters achieve their advertising through rigorous training. Members also benefit from comprehensive support provided by fellow members via Facebook.

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Although Jeff and Jessica Samis recently introduced the program, new members rely on the couple's experience to gain critical knowledge of digital marketing. The duo founded a wide variety of successful online projects, which turned them into seven-figure entrepreneurs. Hence, they are passing their expertise to others.

Investing in the program will yield the much-needed results thanks to sharper PPC ad planning skills. Individuals who complete the course need to apply the knowledge in real ad campaigns via Google or Facebook ads. The training also sharpens skills relating to email campaigns.


  • Although some members believe that the community should have a dedicated platform on the program website, you can count on the support of fellow learners via Facebook. The social page is ideal for discussing and exploring matters relating to Facebook ads.
  • The course focuses on both Google and Facebook ads, including email marketing techniques. You can join the league by clicking on the Apply or Proof button via the homepage of the program website, which gives you access to in-depth introductory material.

New members should book an appointment with the program creators to qualify for membership. Skipping this step is not possible. Communicating with Jeff Samis via the phone helps you make a final decision based on the program's benefits and features.

The Profit League review articles posted online show that Jeff and Jessica Samis have impressive copywriting skills, which are useful for launching effective email marketing and PPC ad campaigns.

A well-written ad copy can make a difference by grabbing the attention of the target audience. The couple imparts copywriting and ad planning skills to members of the program. Live weekly webinars present a chance to interact with Jeff and Jessica.

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